Defined as an undying love for the holy food (pizza) and a strong fetish for reading, Paper Pizza is a brand, website, shop, and community for readers and pizza lovers who strive to spread happiness. 

Paper Pizza is also a safe environment for people who long not to feel alone. Our mission is to help you stay inspired and motivated through inspirational posts that focus on self-improvement.

The Paper Pizza community is kind of like an extra large Hawaiian pizza- it has a little bit of everything. Which, to be honest, is my favorite.

What I write about...


I'm a booknerd with books that consume every spare space in my room. Everywhere you look, there is a book (rhyme not intended!). So, obviously, I'm going to want to talk about them. In this category, you will find me flailing over my favorite reads or just talking about books in general because they are #amazing. 


In which I talk about various things that will make your fingers want to create or your mind feel exhilarated. Whatever it is; from our current projects to our current obsessions, we will explore all the things that inspire us to be creative doers.


To help you #doallthethings, we will explore helpful tips for self-improvement.


From our current WIPs to journal entries, we will share our writing or just talk about the struggles and pleasure that comes with being a writer.


Meet Kenzie

Yes, I'm that pizza chick everyone keeps talking about. Well, I definitely don't know if everyone is talking about me, but I do know for sure that my deep love for pizza has given me the opportunity to provide a place where I can be myself, talk about books, and express my introverted soul through messily-worded posts.

I hope you enjoy your stay. Don't be afraid to say hello. :)

Favorite posts

xx Kenzie