Defined as an undying love for the holy food (pizza) with a strong desire for reading, Paper Pizza is a brand, website, and community for readers and pizza lovers who strive to spread happiness.

Paper Pizza is also a safe environment for people who long not to feel alone. Its mission is to help you stay inspired and motivated through inspirational posts that focus on self-improvement.

Meet Kenzie

I am an awkward pizza-loving INFJ that spends most of my time wondering how my TBR pile hasn't attempted to kill me already. I am a full-time college student working towards a BA in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. 

When I'm not blogging, writing, or attempting to take aesthetic photos, you can also find me over at Pizza Flower. A brand and podcast show I co-host with Rosie from Two Point Perspective, where we discuss all things introverts and creatives. 

What I write about...


From reviews of my recent reads, to participating in blog tours announcing new releases, to just having an excuse to flail on the floor over characters I adore because books are great, man.


Being a creative soul and expressing my creative attributes is what keeps me alive and exhilarated. It is something I believe everyone is born with, as long as you are able to realize that. With my blog, I want to help people own their creativity and inspire them to continue to love their abilities.


As a productive being I like to read articles and posts that inspire me to get all the things done. With Paper Pizza, I'd love to do the same. It's easy to slip and lose focus but it's even more amazing to get back up and continue doing what it is that you love.


From what it's like living as an Introverted HSP (highly sensitive person) to some of my favorite looks. Here, I will talk about mental health, taking care of yourself, and the little but fun things in life.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope your stay was extra cheesy.

xx Kenzie