WHAT I KNOW NOW THAT I DIDN'T BEFORE | College Update + My Major

*climbs out of the deep dark abyss of due dates and assignments* Y'all, I'm not dead! I'm very much alive! Oh gosh, it's been so long. So long.

Since March, to be exact.

And I'd like to think I have a reasonable excuse, but some of the factors (aside from internet and computer problems) that are involved in my absence is mainly just school.

Before the semester starts, I always make these big plans on how I will make plans to do my creative projects on top of schoolwork, but once those assignment due dates start popping up... I drop everything.

Since school is my main excuse for the lack of my pizza-licious presence, I thought I would write a post centered around the subject. So, today I want to talk about college and my major and just life things because you know that'S SO FUN.

Where I am in life (aka school)

I don't know if I'd already mentioned in some of my older posts... but over the years, I had been taking classes with a community college as I tried to figure out my path down the "higher-education road". I was mostly doing my schooling online, taking a class or two here and there. Last year, I took a semester off to work and figure out where I was going to transfer to and finish my degree. My original college plans did not go, well, as planned.

Instead of moving away to a sunshiney state with a beach less than twenty minutes away and a program that was made just for me, I stayed home and transferred to a school that is practically in the middle of nowhere with cow pastures and a lake only a short walk away.

Many factors played a role in this decision but what I didn't except was to like it as much as I do. I visited the campus during the fall/winter of last year and could not find myself to love it. To see myself there. Because there was a beautiful art school in Georgia just waiting for me!

But time was running out and it was at the point where I needed to make a decision. So, I transferred to the school that actually feels like home. Like I said, it wasn't what I expected. But again, it wasn't what I expected. 

It turned out to be my better fit. A place where I feel comfortable.


This transition might not seem like a big deal from a distance considering I had already been in college for quite some time. But it was definitely a transition for me. I had been so used to an online environment and writing to my classmates through a discussion board.

And now I'm in a real classroom with real professors and real expectations.

While this topic (actually being in college) used to give me so much anxiety, I found out that I am doing pretty okay with it. Sure, there had been a couple meltdowns (just one or two) but I managed. And I'm not as scared as I used to be.

People want to be your friend! 

Somehow I had implanted the thought that no one would ever want to be my friend so far into my brain, I actually believed it. But college turned out to be so much more friendly than I ever imaged it would be. As an introvert who is still dealing with a lot of social anxiety, it's very important to me that I have an environment that feels welcoming. And it was. I felt welcomed.

If you care, you'll make it

Sometimes it mind-boggles me that students miss classes and joke about studying an hour before a test, or how they don't really care about the grade they will get, as long as they are passing.

Which, hey. That's fine. But as a perfectionist like myself, I can't do that. I need to make it to every single class and make sure I write everything down in my notes. I think that going to the classes and giving yourself the best understanding of the material and talking to your professors is a lot more helpful in the long run, even more-so than studying until you feel like you're dead.

There is a good amount of tea (aka gossip)

I mean, where isn't there gossip? I dealt with my fair share at work. But I've found that it is easier to get caught up in it. Especially in a small environment, where everyone knows everyone.

You can survive an entire class just by reading the summary or SparkNotes

Okay, this may not work for everyone... But I just have to say that I did amazing in my Shakespeare class and had only read the freaking SparkNote summaries. (Oops.) 

I'm an English major so of course I might have a heavier reading load than others. But one thing I learned was that if you want to stay sane, you can't possibly read all the material and you might just have to skim. Finding analysis summaries and was a huge help for me.  

Professors are people, too!

They get stressed and overwhelmed and hungry. And sometimes they let it show. 

There are a lot of expectations

Whether those are performance expectations or social expectations... They are there. So many students are doing far more than just their classes. They're hosting clubs or working with the faculty as part of an internship or on-campus job. Just when you think you're doing all that you can do, there's more you could be doing.

I'm not saying that this is TRUE. It's the anxiety that gives me the pressure to do more and be more because I feel as though what I'm doing now isn't enough. 

Coffee is your best friend

I had never had so much coffee in my LIFE until this past semester. I am a commuter (traveling a bit of distance) so I have to get up a lot earlier for my morning classes... And in order to survive until the last class of the afternoon, I need to be hyped up on sugar and caffeine like there's no tomorrow.

What I know about my major that I didn't before

So, I'm actually an English major with a concentration in Creative Writing. 

I still have to take these general English courses that are not technically related to my concentration... But I need them to graduate. And man, those were not what I expected.

They feel like history courses

There are a lot of dates and memorization and things related to historical moments that I SHOULD know but do not remember learning. And it's all closely intertwined in all these classic texts.

There's a lot of analyzing 

One little phrase could take up a whole hour's worth of discussion. There's so much more meaning than you think. Like, dude. Sometimes I felt like my brain was going to explode from thinking so hard.

Why did I pick this major?

You know, I still ask myself the same thing. Often. But I try to remember that the reason why I picked English is because 1. I love reading and writing, and 2. It's so broad. I could do a bunch of different things with it PLUS having a concentration in Creative Writing allows me to hold onto my creative aspirations. 

So, BAM. It's a win-win situation.


It feels SO good to be back in the blogging world again. I'VE MISSED Y'ALL SO MUCH. *insert a sobbing plus hugging emoji here* But I'm working on some exciting things that are coming soon so it's not like I've been sitting on my bum the entire time. ;) LET ME KNOW ABOUT YOUR COLLEGE EXPERIENCES. What is your major? WHAT DO YOU KNOW NOW THAT YOU DIDN'T BEFORE?? 

xx Kenzie

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12 happy thoughts

  1. so like, im not in college (in fact, im just about to go into high school. yikes), but i get what you mean with some of these (especially the coffee one, even if i shouldn't be drinking coffee.).
    and like, im in this fancy arts program and my 'major' is creative writing (which can relate to you being an english major. so yayyy!) and believe me, ive been told that there's gonna be a whole lot of analyzing in my creative writing class, oof.

    1. I honestly cannot survive without coffee if I'm constantly going... Especially being an introvert who is exhausted when in the outside world. o-o

      THAT SOUNDS SO EXCITING THOUGH! Aside from the analyzing part... *cringes* But hey, at least it will help you with your own writing? I definitely have more of an appreciation for old literature after taking those classes. GOOD LUCK WITH EVERYTHING AND PLEASE KEEP ME UPDATED! <3

      Thanks so much for stopping by and reading. <3

      xx Kenzie

  2. I'm totally with you girl! College is such a confusing time, but also one of so much growth. I am also going to community college, and working on the transferring process now (yikes!). Love to see you back on the blog!

    -Celia (celiaboldizar.blogspot.com)

    1. EEEP, I WISH YOU ALL THE LUCK! Honestly, starting out at community college was so good for me, especially because I was transitioning from being homeschooled... Let me know how everything works out for you. <3

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. <3

      xx Kenzie

  3. I took some college classes out of High School and *gasp* dropped out despite my good grades...because I wanted to focus on my writing.
    It's been good and I don't regret it but I loved hearing about your college experience!

    1. Hey, you need to do what is best for YOU and I honestly support your decision so much. Writing is... everything. <3

      Thanks so much for reading, sweetie!

      xx Kenzie

  4. You are literally the coolest human being! COFFEE AND SUGAR. Ah, same here. Those two things have saved my grades. HAHA I am attributing all my effort in classes because I had coffee and sugar. Might have walked in late with them but I had them. (Speaking of which I am sending you one of my favorite memes on instagram!)

    On a different note, showing you care in classes does help. I feel like I've been close to not passing plenty of times but the fact that I made the time to put the effort in, talk to the professors, and show up day after day had helped me not fail. (Surprisingly, wasn't even close to failing.) Which leads me to... believing in yourself even when you have major doubts.

    1. THAT MEME MADE MY WHOLE DAY, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SENDING IT TO ME. I related to it so much, omg. :')

      Yes! Like, I totally understand if you are taking a class you are not interested in but need it for credits that it might be a little hard to show that you care... But it really does help in the long-run. Just by putting a little more effort in talking to your professor about the material or how you can go about things differently... Showing up to class every day and maybe a few minutes before does help.

      Thanks so much for reading and for chatting with me, Vanessa! I always have so much fun talking with you. <3

      xx Kenzie

  5. Congrats girl!! Deciding stuff like this is hard, and oftentimes it's not what you thought it was going to be.

    Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing what you're going to be posting!

    (also your blog is NOT helping me try to convince myself I shouldn't rebrand to yellow after I've JUST rebranded lolll)

    1. AHHH YOU GET ME! <3 Thank you so much for stopping by and being oH SO SWEET.

      Gahhhhh, I'm sorry (but at the same time not because *whispers* come to the yellow side). Hehe. ;)

      xx Kenzie

  6. as a fellow English major, this speaks to me. wow.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one surprised at how many different ways there are to analyze... glass. or a dinner table. it's kind of insane. Who knew my favorite subject could give me more of a headache than math? (but like, a good kind of headache I guess?)


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