What It's Like Living With a Resting Sad Face ™️

Ever heard of a resting b---- face? In our day and age, it is a saying that refers to someone whose face looks #fedup all the time. And typically, it might just be what their thinking face looks like. They might not actually be annoyed or upset but people think they are.

For me, it's more of a resting sad face.

Instead of looking annoyed, (apparently) I look like I just lost my best friend.

How do you know if you have this?

Well, I'm glad you asked! And I'd be happy to give you some of my insight regarding the situation.

"What's wrong?"

I get asked this A LOT. By my mother especially. Either it's because I'm such a private person and she takes that into consideration and looks at me more intently than normal, or if my face actually looks like something is going on.

Which often leads her to say...

"You look upset."

Um... No, this is just my face. Thanks. 

You'd think that being with the people who ask this almost 24/7 would let them know that MY FACE IS MY FACE and they would stop asking these questions... but no. They proceed with the following:

"Do you want to talk about it?"

*is thinking about why pineapple pizza is hated by so many* Actually, yes. I would love to.

"You look ticked off."

This is the one I hate the most because it's usually when I'm not mad and I'm actually in a pretty decent and thoughtful mood. 

It really makes candid shots a death trap because when I look at them afterward, it really does look like I'm thinking of something quite awful when in reality I'm probably just going over why I love Snowbaz from Carry On by Rainbow Rowell.


Is this something you struggle with? OR AM I THE ONLY SAD LOOKING SOUL AROUND? Y'all have no idea how long I've been wanting to write a blog post but school keeps getting in the way. -.- I am currently sitting in my school's cafe and it's snowing outside and my fingers are cold but I am feeling good. A little hyper because I chugged coffee but it's gradually wearing off, putting me in a calmer state. HOW ABOUT YOU? HOW ARE YOU DOING, FRIEND? Let me know. 

xx Kenzie

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  1. and here I pegged you as the inherently sad type.

    honestly, no one asks me these questions, but I have been told I wear all my emotions on my face... or simply look like I'm dead on the inside. Apparently there's no in between for me. XD

    I'm so happy you're feeling good. HERE'S TO SPRING BREAK AND TIME TO BLOG <3

  2. I can relate to this so much! Every week, my friends and family ask me "Vaishnavi, what's wrong?" or in a really stern voice, "You need to tell us what's bothering you." While they mean well.. it can get a little frustrating. Especially when I'm pondering about the author's geniusness (that's a word- totally) when it comes to my favorite ship. I mean, come on. It's pretty hard to be sad when you're thinking about THAT.
    Vaishnavi (wwaterunderthebridge.wordpress.com)

  3. xD I'm always told that I look mad or sad or SOMETHING, when in reality I just never talk and so people don't quite know what to think of me.

  4. YES! I have people ask me all the time, "are you alright?" And I will say yes and they will normally reply, "are you SURE?"

  5. GIRL. ME TOO. I get this one all the time. sometimes I am convinced by others that I am not okay because they keep asking if I am fine.

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  7. Preach, honestly, the amount of times I've been perfectly fine...and someone comes up to me asking why I look so mad/sad. I just laugh like 'sorry, that's just my face'.

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  9. oh my god, i relate on a spiritual level. last summer, i went to camp, and someone in my group thought i was mad at him because of my resting sad face during discussion sessions. i had to explain to him that no, that's just how i look like, all the time. how embarrassing!

  10. My initial reaction was ROTFLMAO..., but then I realised that I've had people ask me questions like that and have asked them myself.. (oops!).
    People used to ask me unwanted questions like that a lot, but I conquered it by becoming a recluse, and also by failing to take new outfit photos and videos for my blog (some of my selfies showed me having inexplicably weird facial expressions) :/.
    Now I'm wanting to try pineapple pizza.
    THANK YOU for the smiles!!! :D

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  11. This sounds interesting! I will keep an eye out for it. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Wow! So much detail! I really like it. I'm excited to read more!!!

  13. Love this.This sounds interesting..Thanks for sharing!


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