Teen Book Festival 2018

Since 2015, I have been volunteering at our Teen Book Festival and every year I write a post about it (mainly so that I can reflect upon it when I get #sentiment). This would be my fourth time volunteering as an author assistant and let me tell you that IT IS SO MUCH FUN AND JUST A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE OVERALL.

I have been volunteering with my sisters and thankfully, we usually get assigned to the same group. This year was our first year being with two authors though! Can you guess who? ;)

For more in-depth posts about my previous years, you can click here and here and here.

If you're too lazy to read those posts (because, let's face it- ain't nobody got time for that) here's a quick sum up of what TBF (Teen Book Festival) is:

It's an event held on a college campus where authors are invited to visit whilst they are on tour to promote their new books. And you can volunteer to help make this glorious day possible! The whole event goes on from 7am to 5pm* and my "job" entails me to make sure everyone is on time, the lines are under control, there are no angry adults or sad teens, and basically wait on NYT best-selling authors. Yeah, it's pretty great. It's even better when you get to breathe the same air they do and watch people fangirl while they get their books signed.

* phew, a long day but totally worth it- even if it meant having to wake up at 5am to get ready, heh.

Over the years, I have been able to spend those long hours with:

Jennifer Niven (author of All the Bright Places)
Jesse Andrews (author of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl)
Nina LaCour (author of We Are Okay)

And this year I was assigned to Dhonielle Clayton (author of The Belles) & Gloria Chao (author of American Panda).

Allow me to say just how darn cute they were together. Dhonielle was the spunky not-afraid-of-anything kind of girl who walked into breakfast while watching the royal wedding live on her phone. Then Gloria was the quiet but super friendly and cute one who asked us our names and talked to me about my writing and NaNoWriMo (eeep). They complimented each other very well.

It was so, so much fun to work with them and to just talk about books all. day. long. (then following each other on instagram hehe.) It's way better than waiting in line to get as many autographs as possible because you are actually able to connect with your author. Quality over quantity is definitely a great motto, amiright?

During their panels, the authors were able to talk about their books a bit, new projects, and answer questions. There was this one little boy who seemed super eager to just be in the presence of two authors and it was so adorable.
I asked a lot of questions about writing. It feels weird because after writing so consistently over the past couple years, I can actually understand and relate to what they are saying. Does that make us equals? o-o

This year was my first time volunteering as an adult so my sister, Lila, and I were in charge of our group of volunteers + authors. As intimidating that could be, it wasn't too different from my usual tasks. I mean, I had to make sure we knew where we had to go when traveling from building to building (we only got lost about 8.5 million times but all went smoothly).

Even though you get to make friends with the authors, you also get to make friends with the other volunteers in your group which is so nice because you kind of share this special bond with them. So, you both are kinda like: hey we're special because we all love books and there's famous authors all around us and lol is this real hey i like your boots*


I was even able to meet Erin Forbes, whom know from Instagram and Goodreads. The festival has a teen author panel and she was one of the amazing teens on there. Sadly, I have not read her books but they were sold out pretty fast so they must be good, eh? ;) Plus, the covers are gorgeous and the author is SUPER SWEET YOU GUYS SHE HUGGED ME.

You can check out her site here. 

 I also wasn't able to see her panel because the room was filled (FOR BOTH SESSIONS) and since I am considered an adult, teens get priority seating. But we sat behind each other at breakfast so that was cool.

I got so many compliments on my glitter and even my glasses, I cry.

Overall, I am so blessed I have been given the opportunity to be part of this every year. There is so much excitement and enthusiasm that is put into it, it makes you feel like a star. And to spend it with my sisters, being surrounded by fellow book lovers, and writers makes it also feel like a dream.


Are there any questions you have for me regarding my epic day? HAVE YOU MET ANY OF YOUR FAV AUTHORS? Did you fangirl as hard as I do? WHO IS SOMEONE YOU WOULD DEFINITELY DIE OVER IF YOU GOT TO MEET THEM? I would most likely die if I met Rainbow Rowell. Just sayin'.  

xx Kenzie 

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10 happy thoughts

  1. THAT LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN!!! I have met one of my favorite authors, Tessa Emily Hall. Not only do I lover books but she is also my mentor. She came over to my house for lunch and I was slightly nervous/super excited. =D I would have a heart attack if I met any more authors. xD

    Micaiah @ Notebooks and Novels

  2. EEEEEP IT REALLY IS! PLUS EVERYONE ELSE IS SUPER NICE AND SUPER EXCITED WHICH GIVES YOU THESE AWESOME HAPPY VIBES AND YEAH. :') And oh my goodness, that sounds so amazing, Micaiah! I would die if any of my favorite authors came over to have lunch. o-o I'd probably make a fool of myself and then die. Before I meet any of the authors we are assigned to, I get so nervous and I have the last minute talk to myself that goes something like this: "don't do anything stupid, Kenzie. don't do anYTHING STUPID."

    But yeah, I usually end up doing at least one stupid thing.

    Thank you so much for reading and commenting! <3

    xx Kenzie

  3. That sounds so crazy cool! And connecting with famous authors like that JEALOUS!!

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

  4. EEEEP THANK YOU SO MUCH, NABLIA! It's pretty awesome. :}

    xx Kenzie

  5. Ahhh this sounds like a dream! This sounds like a ton of bookish fun and I desperately want/need to go to a book convention sometime!!

    1. YESSS. It is so much fun! The only downside are the crowds (ahh) but other than that, everyone is there for the same reason you are: to appreciate books. :) And you can make so many awesome friends. <3

      Thanks so much for reading!

      xx Kenzie

  6. Oh, wow! This looks like it was a blast!! Super cool, I'm jealous. XD

    -Gray Marie | graymariewrites.blogspot.com

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH! It really is... :}

      xx Kenzie

  7. I know everyone keeps saying it but OMG I AM SO FREAKING JEALOUS!!! Also that love simon pun was not intended but still hilarious anyway :)

    Maia xx

    1. AHHHHHHHHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! YOU ARE TOO SWEET. <3 Hehe, not intended but very much needed. ;) Thank you so much for reading!

      xx Kenzie


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