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It has been an extremely long time since I shared a bit of my writing with you beautiful people. Come to think of it, I haven't really shared much of my writing on here (FOR ALL EYES TO SEE) at all. Don't get me wrong, I love it when people read my writing (well, the writing I am proud of) but there is also part of me that is a little bit shy/hesitant/scared to share my work.

I've always been more motivated to write when there is an audience. 

That's why I've always worked better while writing a book with someone. I just love brainstorming with another writer/reader, it's how my creative juices get flowing.

But I've been doing a lot of work on my own. 

Even though I am writing somewhat consistently, lately I have a hard time getting excited about my writing. I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS. I mean, I love getting up and writing in the morning. It's like waking up and drinking a nice cup of coffee. It feels rejuvenating. But it has been a while since I've had that giddy feeling. You know that feeling? The one when you're working on the first draft and all the characters are coming to life and NOW THEY FEEL LIKE YOUR PRECIOUS BABIES BUT YOU KNOW FOR SURE YOU'RE GOING TO DO SOMETHING TO DESTROY THEIR INNOCENT HEARTS. 

Yeah. That feeling.

Maybe it's how I'm writing? I plot everything inside my head and then I just write. It's something that I do not intentionally do, my mind won't give up its awful habits. 

So this is why I want to share some of my current WIP for you!

I feel like I need some indulgence. I know, I'm selfish and my ego is far passed the roof. But I like to keep you guys updates. And sometimes... when you're working on a project, you need some praise/motivation to keep moving. (Not that I'm looking for that.) (Okay, maybe just a little.)


"Dark Forest" 

I have put my NaNo book aside to work on a short story for an anthology I will be part of. I'm still working on the name... It also may or may not be a Carry On fanfic. (You tell me if it is.)


Liam jumped slightly then turned around to find brown eyes piercing right through him. “What do you want?” Liam snapped out of his daze and was now able to gather a sense of his surroundings. The woods dissolved into nothing more than a landscape of trees.
“I’m just saying that anyone who goes in there to release some stress doesn’t come back out with some sort of substance abuse.”
Liam’s grip on his backpack tightened. “Are you speaking from experience?”
Oliver rolled his eyes and looked from the forest back to him. “I’m sure you’d love to know.” He said before turning around. “I wanted to let you know that you and I are going to be spending a lot of time with each other.” Then told him that Oliver will be moving into his room and they were going to be roommates.
Liam pulled his eyebrows together then glanced back at the forest before following Oliver up the hill back to the school. “What? But my room is too small.”
Oliver shrugged, continuing up the hill and not looking back at Liam who was having a harder time walking up its steepness. “They need to make room for more students and since you and I are going to be the only seniors living on campus, I guess they thought we could make some sort of sacrifice for the greater good of the school,” Oliver explained, his voice flat and emotionless, as if he were explaining the weather. This was probably the worst news Liam could have received that day. It wasn’t his deepest desire to be roommates with the human that made him want to pull his hair out in frustration. Liam was certain that Oliver’s life mission was to annoy him to every extent. It was easier to avoid him when he could escape back to his room but now Oliver was not only in all of his classes, he was going to be sleeping in the same room.
“Wonderful,” Liam muttered.
“I love the joy and enthusiasm my presence brings out of you.” Oliver gave a humorless laugh and climbed up on the sidewalk, walking towards the library. Liam rolled his eyes then glanced back at the trees. He told himself that he was just tired from not sleeping and that was the reason why his brain was confusing him. “Please stop following me. I don’t want to see your face any more than I have to.” Oliver said after a few moments of Liam walking a couple steps behind him. So he was bothered by this news just as much Liam. This made him feel a small sense of satisfaction... Maybe tonight he will finally get to test out that nature sounds app filled with exotic noises from the rainforest.
However, his satisfactory was short lived when he climbed into his bed across from Oliver’s that evening. Of course, Oliver was the type of person to sleep with earplugs in. The only good part about this situation was that Oliver went to bed early and now he didn’t have to witness Liam enter another one of his dreams.

It’s almost always the same; there’s this figure that his mind can only describe as a monster. The thing is, it’s not like those stereotypical monsters you find inside the books you used to read when you were younger. It’s almost human, except it is large and its face is always masked by a cloud of black smoke. Once he is able to find the monster within the forest of trees, Liam knows what to expect next: the figure.
In the dream, he is floating through the forest and it feels like he is walking through space, except he can’t feel any of his senses. It’s like he is here but not. The only thing he has control over is what he can see. He can’t move on his own- the gravity moves him only when it wants to. Once he begins to be pushed forward, he knows what is coming. Sometimes he closes his eyes so he doesn’t have to see what happens when the screams begin. He never cries or screams himself, only because he can’t see the figure the monster is attacking.
The gravity stops him and he looks around at his surroundings. Trees. Moss. More trees. And a little bit of fog; as if his mind couldn’t make the dream creepy enough. He knows he is not alone because as soon as the fog begins turning black, it forms into a shape. The monster has arrived and now he just has to wait for the figure to appear. It comes almost instantly as if they were looking to be torn apart. Except, this time it’s different.
The figure... It has a face.
It’s a girl.
She stands about a hundred feet across from him but he is still able to see the vibrant shade of green that is her eyes. By the look on her face, he can tell that she can see him, too.
He wants to open up and say something but he doesn’t. Or he can’t? He doesn’t really know because he was distracted by the monster coming up from behind her. The black smoke starts to circle around her body until her head is thrown back and it’s pouring itself inside her.
That’s when she screams.
But not like the screams Liam would hear in his other dreams. Instead, this scream forms a name.
“Liam!” She yells, her arms bounded to her sides by the smoke. “Save us!”
She screams those three words, over and over. And for some reason, it brings feeling back into Liam’s body. His feet tingle as he watches her struggle against the monster’s darkness. He wants to look away but he can’t. His eyes study her pain and his ears listen to her desperate calls. He tells himself to move, to do something, but he is still stuck in place. “Liam!” She shouts again, this time it sounds more desperate as if she is trying to reach him somewhere else. “SAVE US!” She screams once again, pouring her heart into the words.
Liam squeezes his eyes shut and focuses. This isn’t real. This isn’t real.
When he opens his eyes, the girl is gone, but the smoke isn’t. Instead, it is closing around him, like a blanket. He opens his mouth and screams, the first sound he has ever been able to make in one of these dreams. Everything goes dark.
And it feels so real.


BOOM. Was that creepy? Not creepy enough? Idk about you but it seems pretty spoopy to me. ~(o-o)~ You can also check out my aesthetic board for it:

Let me know what you think! And while you're at it, answer this question for me: Do you ever just want to write a cutesy book but YOUR INNER DARKNESS JUST COMES CREEPING OUT AND NOW WHAT WAS ONCE CUTE AND CUDDLY IS NOW DARK AND DEATHLY? Because same. 


What are some problems you come across whilst writing? WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT WIP? Tell me about it! I love hearing what people are working on. It inspires me. 

xx Kenzie

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8 happy thoughts

  1. AAH KENZIE!! It was so cool to read a little bit from your story :) WE NEED MORE.

    And I totally get you...whenever I share my writing with other people I always get so much more inspired to write. It's so weird xD


      It's like receiving praise from your mother after cleaning your whole room. NO MATTER HOW MUCH WE LIE ABOUT IT, WE ADORE PRAISE.

      Thank you so much for reading, girly. <3

      xx Kenzie

  2. That was SO COOL. GREAT JOB! ��
    My current WIP is actually a rewrite of my first draft of it. After leaving it alone for a month, I came back to it, and am doing my best to make it better than before. I love reading through this old writing. Like, wow, I'm so hilarious. ��


      Ahhh, that's actually what I'm doing with one of my WIPs. I wrote it on November, finished it off in December so I decided to take a break from it and go back to it again. But like you, I'm probably going to end up rewriting most of it. I guess I think of the first draft as a guideline rather than actually plotting the novel (I get too anxious to start writing- even though I run into a lot of plot holes).

      Thank you so much for reading!

      xx Kenzie

  3. HOLY MOLY!! This WIP is so good Kenzie omg I need more. Btw you should write Carry on fanfic because fanfic is so addicting for some reason?? I'm writing my own fanfic and I'm loving the writing process. Good luck with your other stories!

    anna | annaish

    1. ASDFGHJKL AHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH, ANNA! *sobs from eternal happiness and gratitude* <3 Umm... I would absolutely love to write a Carry On fanfic. I've been thinking about it but, like, I don't think I could do it justice. o-o MAYBE SOMEDAY. I've actually never read any Carry On fanfics before?? Imma have to ask you for some recs. And eeeep, congrats on your fanfic!! I hope I will be able to read it someday. <3 I would love to hear more about it!

      Thank you so much for reading. <3

      xx Kenzie


    1. ASDFGHJKL OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WENT THROUGH ALL THAT TO READ *MY* POST. LIKE WOWOWOW. MUCH HONORED. <333 And *smashes on keyboard* aiduwioehfuoqefhpqwfipreuf-- can't breathe. abbie likes my writing. THE abbie likes my writing. not okay. wut is air. *dies*

      Thanks for killing me. o-o hehehe, but seriously. THANK YOU SO MUCH, GIRLY! <3333

      xx Kenzie


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