Catastrophically - Journal Excerpt + Blog Announcement

You deserve a love so great, it turns your freckles into constellations.
Your heart into nuclear energy.
Your tears into waves that wrap around your body and hold you tightly.
You deserve a love so great, your very existence feels like a puffy pink cloud on a warm evening.
You deserve a love so great, your soul turns into a puzzle and they’re the last piece.
You deserve a love so great, every unsolved equation, every doubt, every problem can be fathomed.
You deserve a love so great, the air you both inhale, the breath you both exhale, become deeply intertwined.
You deserve a love so great, it leaves you trembling.

You deserve to be loved catastrophically.

I have some uber exciting news to share with you all. As of right now, I am putting my blog under construction. That's right, you heard me. So you can either beat it or put one of those yellow helmets on and get to work. I hope you choose the latter because I would never seriously tell you to beat it. o-o
OKAY BUT FOR REAL. It's been three years since I've gotten a new blog design and IT'S JUST SO FRIGHTENING BECAUSE THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING AND GAHHHH. *implodes*
I feel as though it's time that I take the next step as a blogger. You know? It's scary and I'm going to miss this design and everything about this stage in my blogging life, but I hope you all enjoy what I have coming for you. <3
Oh gosh, I feel like I'm getting my hair cut all over again. Hey, getting your hair cut is a scary commitment. Once it's done, it's done. But it does grow back and I'll still have this blog design saved...
Anywho. There's a lot more to it, but I don't want to #spoil anything for you. ;) Just bear with me and I will be back soon. I love you all so much. Thank you for sticking around with me for so long and leaving such motivating/sweet comments on all of my posts. *sniffles* You guys rock.

Your awkwardly introverted red-head signing out.


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