We Are Like Strangers | journal excerpt

There will come days when you discover
new things about yourself.
And maybe that is what you do in life;
continuously discovering and learning every newfound aspect of yourself.

because just like the world, we are constantly in an everlasting form of change.

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You guys- it's summer. Can you believe it? I can't. Time just keeps zippin' on by. I'm currently debating on either making some goals I'd like to accomplish or just drop everything and put my feet up. The latter sounds awfully nice but if ya'll know me, then you probably know that I always have some kind of goal lingering in the back of my mind. Right now, the most steady goal I have is to get a butt load of reading done.
I'm also planning on taking a summer class (*sigh*) and in the process of job hunting. I pray that all goes well. For now, imma enjoy this lovely weather. ;)

Talk to me.

Tell me three things you want to do this summer. Now, it has to be something you deeply desire, regardless if it happens or not.

For me? I want to:
1. Go on a road trip
2. Buy a big floppy sunhat
3. Be happy

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1 happy thoughts

  1. I think the three things I want to do most this summer is: 1) go to a music festival 2) read as many books as possible and 3) explore somewhere new in my country! Xx


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