Untamingly Introverted | What You Don't Know About Introverts

Hey, guys. So, um, I've been keeping something from you. I've had this blog for four years now and it just doesn't seem fair that I've held this in for so long. So, I think it's time that I've shared this with you. Okay, so here it goes...
*deep breath*
An introvert.
But you probably already knew that.
But in case you didn't...
I am an introvert. 
And there are things I do that maybe other introverts (or introverted extroverts) can relate to.
What is an introvert, you ask? If you Google the term, the definition that pops up is "a shy, reticent person". Oh, but there is so much more to that.

Introverts value their internal environments. This is the place where they get their energy from. As an introvert, I am constantly thinking about what I will be doing in my alone time.

Introverts Like To Be Productive 

This doesn't have to apply to everyone, but I feel as though a majority of introverts value their productiveness, and they like to do it alone.
Me: *being productive*
Person:  Hey, need some help?  Hey, I see you're working really hard at being productive right now, so I'm just going to leave you alone to accomplish your goal of extreme productiveness. We shall chat later (after you're finished being productive).
Me: *thumbs up*

Introverts Can Get Lonely 

Of course, none of these things relate to everyone. Each person is different, extroverted or introverted. However, I feel a certain stereotype that could get loose. Just because introverts prefer to be alone, does not mean they don't get lonely! In fact, (and I think I read this somewhere) introverts tend to crave a stimulating relationship with someone. Perhaps not with a group of people, but they like to have a few peeps around.
Me: Hey, can you sit with me while I work on this?
Person: Sure!
Me: But pretend you're not there.
Person: Okay...?
Me: Thx.

We Tend to Love With Every Ounce of Our Soul 

I don't know about you guys, but I tend to get emotionally attached to people...
Person: *holds door open for me*
Me: Our firstborn will be named Noah Ryder and we will have 12 dogs.

I'm sure extroverts love deeply as well! But if any introverts can relate to this, lemme know.

Yes, We Like to Talk. No, We're not Going to Text First

I don't know about you, but when I talk about something I love to talk about (books), there's no shutting me up. You see, introverts can be talkative. I mean, we're not totally reclusive and anti-social (those people are typically serial killers). We can be friendly! But I will say this, I'm definitely 100% not the first texter type of person. 
Me: We have so much in common. 
Me: *doesn't message said person whatsoever*
Me: I don't understand why we don't talk more. 

I just simply refuse to be the first text, and I don't do it on purpose. 

We Like to Travel

Sometimes I just crave to travel. Somewhere. Anywhere. And it's weird because I love to be home. But I do believe introverts can crave this sort of need to be out in the world. I know I'd love to just discover new places all while being invisible to everyone in it.
Me: *wants to go places and meet new people*
Also me: *doesn't want anyone to know I exist*

Of Course, I'd Love to Come! As long as I Can Stand in a Corner and Observe

 Yes, we want to be invited to the party! Yes, we want to go out for coffee! And try on dresses at the mall! But once we're out, there's a certain craving lingering in our minds that says "I cannot wait to get back home".
Me: *gets out of house and has fun*
Also Me: *thinks about what I want to do when I'm alone*

Our Rooms Are Our Sanctuaries 

Parent: Go to your room.
Me: Finally.

There are things introverts do that surprise you. There are things introverts do that surprise themselves and make them question "am I really introverted?" (but as soon as you get home, you know you're fine).

We Like to be Around Extroverts

My one-year-younger-sister is an ENFJ, which makes me laugh because I am an INFJ. And what screams "sisters" more than that combination? Anyways. We're like two peas in a pod. You want her, you get me. You want me, you get her. But the thing is, introverts need to have an extrovert around to maintain the balance of nature. 

Talk to me!

Tell me some things that you do as an introvert or extrovert! Can you relate to some of these? What kind of pizza do you like? Are your socks pink? Hi.

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