Pizza Wallpaper + Printable

Is it just me or is April slipping right through my fingers? It seems to be moving faster than that roadrunner cartoon character from tv. Amiright?

My mind seems to be all over the place lately. While I love to mutitask, my brain can't seem to focus on one thing at a time. And it is #stressing me out, yo.

I've been working on some things-- can't tell you yet because it wouldn't be a surprise-- but here is a little somethin' somethin' to keep ya'll entertained while I continue to get stuff ready. ;)

What really helps me stay organized and less stressed is when my phone/computer is lookin' fresher than fresh. So, I thought I'd help you guys out and share with you a matching lockscreen/desktop wallpaper I made. :)

Lockscreen Wallpaper 

Desktop Wallpaper 

Want to print and hang 'em on your wall?

Click to Download Lockscreen Wallpaper (Free)

Click to Download Desktop Wallpaper (Free)

I hope you enjoy these! Maybe show them off to the fam on Easter? ;) Happy Good Friday! Hope you have a lovely Sunday. <3


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