NaNoWriMo + Blogger Yearbook

Me: *crawls out from writing cave* ...Mom? Dad? *looks around* What day is it?

Robot: *zips and zooms about* Why, it's the year 2134! *dabs*

Me: *sighs* I see some things never change.

Robot: Slay gurl, slay! 

While I hope you enjoyed my strange dialogue with a future robot, I do have an announcement to make. A few announcements, actually.

- IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! My family and I are planning on going out of town for a few days to celebrate. I am super excited. Also- I finally put snow on my blog! How does it look? Festive, eh? I almost forgot to do it... How frightening?

- I got my wisdom teeth pulled the day before Thanksgiving. It was interesting. The laughy gas made me feel like I was sleeping on a big puffy white cloud. And yes, I did giggle. And no, I did not say nonsense things I would regret years down.

- I am listening to Christmas music as we speak. It's fabulous.

- ROSIE AND I WON NANOWRIMO! With just 89 words over.

Yes, you heard me correctly. We actually won NaNoWriMo. It feels so surreal. I never imagined myself achieving such a goal. But I did it, with Rosie, and it feels amazing. We just about wrapped up our second book and then began writing another book. It was so much fun. I didn't feel pressured to write either, which was surprising. Every time we logged on together we just got to it and it flowed very nicely. I... actually miss it. It was like jumping into the deep end of the lake with nothing but water and seaweed to keep you afloat. Oh, the rush of it all. We went through all the emotions you could go through whilst writing a book. We laughed, we cried, we fangirled, and then cried again because our characters are just so perf. (Not really but really.)
So, yeah. I'm in love with our series (did I mention it's a series?) and I actually miss NaNo. Crazy, right? But after we take a much needed break, we're going to pounce right back into it just as the new year comes around. Which means we'll be able to spew out all our evil writing ideas we kept locked up through December. *insert evil laugh here*

And one more announcement! So, in honor of the year 2016, Morning is creating a blogger yearbook. Isn't that so cool? If you guys wanna be in the same yearbook as moi, you should totally sign up for it. ;) The deadline is soon! Not sure when but SOON! ...Might even be today. o-o So, go skedaddle and sign up before it's too late!


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