Get Inspired (cute obsessions)

Do you ever just go school supplies shopping and come home with succulent erasers you will probably never use because they are just too cute? Or cute little notebooks that you'll probably never write in because THEY ARE JUST TOO ADORABLE.

Because, same.

But on the bright side, you have adorable stationery that inspires you. And that's all that matters, am I right?

So, today I would like help you all get inspired with some of my cute finds! And for the record, I'm so not trying to brag... Okay, maybe just a little. But they're too cute to pass up!

I got these at our grocery store, they were on sale for, like, $6 or $7 (#winning, am I right?). I think the company that makes them is called C.R. Gibson. At least, that's what it says on the back of the "Bright Ideas" notebook. 

The one with the glasses on the cover is actually and address book for BLOGS. Isn't that awesome? Imma put all your blogs in it. Lemme know if you want me to add yours. ;)

Funny story: It had been weeks of me contemplating on the adorable stationary that my grocery store had on display. I am not one to spend full price on such items. Plus, I knew myself too well to buy them when I would probably never touch them again. However, a sudden urge came over me. I needed this adorable supplies. Thus, I decided that the next time I go to the store, I shall get them! ...We didn't go back to the store for a few days. In my mind, I already knew that they were no longer there. What was I going to do without my blogddress book? (See what I did there? ;)) Anyhow, we finally went to the store and guess what? THEY WERE STILL THERE! And even better... EVERYTHING WAS ON SALE. So, in conclusion... I truly believe my stalling was definitely a sign. 

Okay. Story over.

 Then I went to Target in the beginning of September and GOT MORE CUTE SUPPLIES TYPE THINGS. YAY! ...I also got a bodysuit and t-shirt. #sorrynotsorry

Target carries this super cute line called Sugar Paper, and oh my word- stationary heaven. I got these cute post-its and paper tag type things, as seen above. 

Along with this gold washi tape that I have no idea what I'm going to use for. 

Quick story (I promise): Just after we checked out at Target, I saw their little bargain section and found MORE CUTE AND ADORABLE SUPPLIES STUFF. HELP ME. And it was all for just a $1. *insert cry emoji here* My youngest sister and I went nuts. 

AND GUESS WHAT ELSE? THEY HAD SUCCULENT ERASERS! Yep, you heard me. Succulent erasers.

AREN'T THEY SO CUTE THO?!?!?! ...Okay, I'm done fangirling. 

But not until I show you all this beautiful notebook I found at the mall. And guess what? You'll never guess. C'mon, just try to. Pleaseeee? Oh, jeez. Okay, you don't have to guess. 

It was ON SALE TOO!!!! It also has those fancy gold pages you see on old books. I don't even want to touch it. <3-<3

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Thanks for reading.


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