who wants to hear my voice?

So, earlier this year I was thinking of doing a vlog. Then I forgot, but now I'm thinking of doing it again. There's no guarantee that I will be doing it for sure, because I still have to figure out what I am going to film it on. BUT... There's like a 90% chance that I'm doing it, so ask me some questions if you'd like. :) They can be weird, random, serious, not serious... Whatever! Just as long as they are-- *darkens voice*-- for all ages. ;) So, get those fingers moving and ask me all the questions you want via commenting or emailing. If you decide to email me, just title the email "Vlog". Also, please let me know if you prefer that I don't mention your name or if you want me to... whatever. :}

Thank you! And have fun askin'. <3


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