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I am not very good at describing myself at all, but if I were told to tell someone something about myself this is what they'd get: I'm a very tall, socially awkward dancer, authoress, photographer, theatre geek, music lover, and intense fangirl.


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I started blogging in late 2012, but it never took off or fit right until halfway through July of 2013, when I started my blog Thinking, Laughing, Living. I've recently taken a new wind of inspiration, and changed some things around. So I am now the writer of "Scripturient". 

 I've blogged about a very large range of topics: but have settled to writing, a little itty bit of lifestyle/personal life posts, and what I refer to as "deep philosophical conversations", where if I have any topic on my mind, I sit down, write about it, and we have a mini conversation about it via comments. 


I was and still am greatly inspired by: 
Jessie at "My thoughtful Spot"
Tane at "Fith out of Ten"
and most especially, everyone's favorite Rose from Self Known


I have a "fandom shrine" with about 8 different fandom posters (that include but are not limited to: Sherlock, Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, the Maze Runner, Lord of the Rings, and Supernatural) complete with fairy lights in my bedroom. I always have music on my mind; whether I'm dancing, have a song in my head, am actually listening to music, or composing a song. Writing is a very, very important thing to me; as someone who feels awkward talking to people, written words are my greatest weapon. I also am in love with dance and any kind of movement to music. I love it. 


I'd say something I'm very passionate about is self expression. I think it's so important that everyone has a voice and a place where they feel 100% comfortable using it!  That's one of the reasons I have my blog in the first place. It's my voice, it's my chance to maybe make an impact, however small, on the world. It's my creative outlet and a channel for my absolute love for writing! 

When I feel the need for an inspiration boost, I tend to do one of three things:
-I go outside. No music, no distractions, just sitting in quiet and observing the world. It's very peaceful, and when I'm alone with my thoughts, things sometimes develop or appear that weren;t there before.
-I go on Pinterest. Seriously, it's an amazing place. I have a board dedicated to inspiring things, so it's one nice collective bank for little inspiration "seeds" as I call them.
-I make a conscious decision to go about everyday life with an open mind. Things like listening to music, reading books of any kind, and conversing with people (*gasp* scary, I know.) can bring inspiration where I least expected it!

Thank you so very much for this guest posting opportunity, Mackenzie! :) This was so much fun to write up! 
Y'all can come visit me at my blog here:


Thank you so much, Felicia, for your wonderful guest post and letting us to get to know more about you! Please click the link and check out her blog- she's definitely someone you do not want to miss out on. :) 

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