Meet The Blogger: A Guest Post (012)



"hello everyone!"
i'm elly.
light brown curly hair with a reddish tint. hazel eyes.
and obsessor over pretty much everything.
I aspire to inspire others. and be the very best version of myself that I can be.
I love to sing. act. design fashion. dance around my room. read well written articles on improvement. hang out with my cat. listen to music. pretend i am darth vader.
and express myself through blogging. art. and fashion.


A Little Sparkle
i started my blog in may of 2014 but i have been blogging since i was ten.
on my blog you will find photography. playlists. tags and lots more!
i am also thinking of starting more writing posts like story writing and improvement type posts, so look out for more posts like that!


think. eat. write. read. first of all, of course your wonderful blog <3
self known rose's blog is so beautiful, i love the design and her posts are so well written
cece which is written by my amazing sister celia, her blog is so simple and minimal and i always love reading her posts!
fiction and tea bethan's posts are so wonderful and well written, and her design is just too cute!
eve of womanhood eve's photography skills are incredible, and i love to scroll through her beautiful posts
fox in the woodlands i love jordy's photos, they always have this calm beautiful feel and her writing is always amazing!


i have been fangirling over.....

harry potter
harry potter is one of my all time favorites, and my biggest obsession.
i love each and every one of the characters. the story. and yeah, everything about this book is pretty much perfection.



beautiful photography
i love aesthetically pleasing photos, instagram feeds, and
book instagrams
photos that make you feel calm, fresh and inspired
i love pinning pretty pictures on

taylor swift
i love taylor's songs, they each have a beautiful feel to them and her song writing is just superb.
taylor swift is such a wonderful song writer and truly amazing person.


 star wars
since the new star wars movie came out my family and i have watched (re-watching some) the whole star wars movie series and since then i have been obsessed with stars wars! i love the characters and plot and just yeeessss!!


alisha marie
Alisha Marie: is my all time favorite youtuber and probably favorite person!she is always so positive and fun and just simply awesome!and i love watching her youtube videos and vlogs! 


create content that you truly like.
don't try to copy, or be just like someone else.
there will always be someone out there who likes what you like to put out there.
don't get too worried about the amount of followers, the amount of pageveiws , or if people actually like what you are sharing.
really get inspired to blog. search for different post ideas. find photos that you love and make a collage of how you want your design to feel. also one of the best things to do to get inspired is simply looking at other bloggers blogs and finding cool blogs that you can get inspired from!
create a blog that YOU would personally love to stumble upon and read the posts!
and have a fun time doing what you love to do!
thank you so much Mackenzie for letting me do a guest post on your blog! it was so much fun to write! <3

Isn't she so sweet, guys? You all really need to check out her blog because guess what? She wrote this post twice for me! Thank you so much, Elly. <3 It has been a privilege to have you guest post for me. :)

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