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As we all are well aware, it is that time of year again. You know, when you see all the mommies with their children in the grocery store during the middle of the week because they're not at preschool or daycare. Or when you see college students hanging out on rooftops, trying to get as much sun as possible, even though it's only 40 degrees? Yep, it's spring break. And for me, that means it is time to get caught up on the things I enjoy doing. Even though I love doing those things, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming when there are so many possibilities.

Do you ever just...

"Oh, I should get out my sketch supplies. No, no. I should work on that blog post I've been dying to get to. But then again, I was just getting to a juicy scene in my current read. Okay, Netflix it is."

Even when school is going on, I have such a hard time focusing on the tasks at hand. Everything feels like it needs to be done right now. However, that is not the case. Not everything can be the most important thing that needs to be accomplished. And I shall tell you why in just a moment...


To get organized (and I love to feel organized) the first thing to do is clean up your workspace. This always helps me clear my mind and feel more accomplished. However, if you are one of those people who feel better when things are placed sporadically then make sure that your organized mess is adjusted to your liking.

So, now what you need to do is grab a stack of post-its or just a notebook to jot down anything you think needs to be done. Making a list is very important (something I need to work on). Be sure do use colorful stationery, this usually makes things less boring and more exciting. Plus, who doesn't like multicolored pens?

Now that you have everything out of your head and onto paper, it's time to itemize. Ask yourself, "What is the most important thing that needs to be done right now?" Let's say that you have to clean the bathroom, but you also have an essay that is due tomorrow. In order to get that pesky essay complete, you are going to need to grab the cleaning supplies and head to the john because in order to focus on your essay, that bathroom needs to be cleaned first. Usually this works better for me, because then I have all those annoying chores out of the way and I don't have to listen to my mom asking if they are done. ;)

Now that the bathroom is clean, your first priority should always be schoolwork. It's most likely the least exciting task there is, besides cleaning the bathroom. And I always believe that the least exciting tasks should be done first.

Now that your schoolwork is all done...

You can cross that off your list because now it's time to get your "fun tasks" done! I always have trouble with this one because there are so many things I could be doing but I never end up getting a single one of them complete. Honestly, it all depends on my mood and what I feel like getting done. However, since this is a post about getting things done the "right" way... We are going to tackle that "I'm not in the mood" attitude.

What brightens your mood?

Perhaps a cup of coffee or even a fun read. The best part about getting what you love done, is doing it while you're in a peppy mood. I'm not saying this is easy... But it does make things easier. So, if reading gets you in a better mood, then that is the first thing you should tackle! OR... if reading feels more like a treat, then that is the last thing you should do.

Rewards are just as important as the task itself!

Rewarding yourself is the best thing you can do. Want that blog post done? Get it done, then treat yourself to something yummy, or watch a funny video after. Whatever makes your day just a tad bit brighter. Because, come on... Everyone has a guilty pleasure. ;)

Now that everything is complete...

Cross what you've accomplished off your list (it's okay if it isn't a lot, at least have one thing checked off)...  You can sit back, relax, and enjoy time with the ones you love. 

I'm not saying I do all of these "rituals", but I'm just throwing some tips/ideas out there for you. If any of you have any tricks for me, please do share them. I'm trying my best to become more organized and do more to feel accomplished. It's good to have a lot of things to do, even if it feels overwhelming at times, the results are just as pleasing.  :)

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you feel like I should do more posts relatable to this one, let me know! I love hearing from you. Have a wonderful weekend. <3

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