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Have you ever apologized for something that you did, but no matter what, you keep doing it? So now you've apologized so many times, you feel like you should just stop apologizing because it's obvious you're not going to learn your lesson? Well, for me, it's one of those times.

I have two guest posts that I never got around to... Yes, I know, I'm a terrible person. But hey, you might as well read the post anyways. ;) Just I small caution, this post was submitted by the blogger some time back, so if all the facts/details are not up to date, I apologize ahead of time. Other than that, enjoy!


Okay. First of all, my name is not Zelus. Its just a name I liked and decided to use as my blog name since I didnt want to use my real name. I am a homeschooler. Im a teenager. I love football (soccer), Arsenal Football Club, music, piano, reading, kind souls, little kids, books, food, blogging, and sleep. Oh, I also do Model UN and blog about it. If you want to know more, click here.(
I collect quotes in a beautiful notebook. I love my followers, commenters and readers. Every single one of you. I type more than I talk, and better. 


I actually started blogging when I was seven or eight. A couple of years fast forward, here I was with a relatively young blog, because my other one closed down due to technical difficulties. The blog name something I came up with randomly- hope is important to me, and pencil means writing. So boom..
My blog doesn’t really focus on any particular aspect, but more about me. I post about what I like, what I do, what I think, what I read, what I feel. and sometimes, what I eat. Basically my life, and some rants and other stuff. I welcome collaborations, feedback, guest posts and interviews, so do drop a comment if you’re interested!
Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I’ve started a ‘Reason to Smile’ Challenge. ( Basically it’s for bloggers to find something that made them smile that day, and blog it with the label Reasons to Smile. Over time, they'll have a nice collection of memories. 


Whoo, shoutout time! These are the blogs I really admire and follow, and do check them out, make a person’s day! ( yours of course. I might do this ‘call for guest posters’ post soon.
simply me (
day-dreamer, night-thinker (
s-blog (


Right now I’m passionate about two things- reading and blogging. Whenever someone leaves a comment, I get a mini internal fangirling moment. When I get a new follower, I celebrate by jumping up and down. My favourite books are the Protector of the Small series by Tamora Pierce. I’ve finished the quartet many times, so I’m reading some fan fiction. When something particularly exciting happens, or the story includes a minor character from the original book that I really like, I squeal a little, which isn’t like me at all. 


Don’t worry what others will think. Write for yourself. Write about anything that pops up in your mind.
If you feel there’s really nothing interesting to write about, browse other awesome bloggers' blogs and see if you get inspired. If not, go to my blog and comment. I’ll help you find your inspiration, and I won’t give up until we find it. Remember, always have hope.
Also, ask for feedback on your blog. Always look for ways to improve your blog. Never stop improving.

.. This is completely random, but I’m wondering if there are many guy teen bloggers out there? Just wondering, because I’ve only seen blogs belonging to us girls, and only one guy. I’m asking since I’m interested in some stuff most guys are like football (soccer), Arsenal FC, and I’m surrounded by guys in my life. Okay. *awkward shrug*, I’m done.
Also, I’m always willing to listen. Drop me a comment, fill in the form in my blog under ‘Contacts’ or an email. I know what it’s like to want someone to listen but you can’t find one. Anytime, anyway. Payment by chocolate, gum, keychains, jelly beans, bank transfer…. okay, I’m kidding.

Have a great day! Thank you Mackenzie for allowing me to do a guest post and share my blog!
Zelus at


Isn't she so sweet? Also, interesting question about "guy bloggers". I've only ever seen girl bloggers in the blogging world, besides my brother who once had a blog. I'm sure there are others out there, but I don't believe there are any who are lifestyle bloggers like we are (that's what we are... right?). 

Thanks so much for the guest post, Zelus. It was fabulous. 


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