Happy Valentine's Day! Now, since today is all about loooovvvveee... I thought we'd talk about one of the best kinds of love.

Self love.

    I know what you must be thinking. "But isn't that a little... vain?" Of course not! But I know exactly how you must be feeling, because I used to think that I couldn't love myself just because it seemed... selfish. Really, self love is accepting your flaws and knowing that it is okay to make mistakes. You are allowed to love the bad and the good parts of yourself. You like how your body looks? Fabulous! You think your laugh is cute? Even better! Let's think about all the things we love about each other and ourselves on this very romantic holiday (hint: you don't need a significant other to celebrate this day! But if you already have one, give some lovin' to them too.).

How to love yourself on Valentine's Day:

♥  Give yourself a Valentine 

It's never too late to receive something sweet and yummy, especially if it is from yourself. So what are you waiting for? Get that red construction paper out and give yourself a sweet little note (hang it up afterwards for motivation).

 Kiss yourself 

"Gotta kiss myself, I'm so pretty". Yes! You heard me! Put on your favorite lipstick or borrow one from your momma and head on over to your mirror and just give it a big ol' smooch. Unless you are a guy or someone who isn't into lipstick, a peck on the hand is always a good alternative.

♥ Let yourself know how awesome you are! 

YES. You are beyond awesome and it is time you heard it from yourself. So what are you waiting for? You are an astonishing humanoid and you deserve to be informed.

 Take a bubble bath 

Trust me, taking a nice bubble bath or hot shower is the key to having a little you time. It is also a stress reliever. Also, lavender is very helpful when it comes to stress, and it may or may not help you sleep better. Plus, it smells fabulous. ;)

♥ Do something that makes you feel good 

Whether it's kicking back and watching episodes from your favorite show, reading that book you've been meaning to get to, or just simply doing something helpful for someone else. Helping other people makes you happier, it is a known fact, READ IT HERE

♡ Eat Chocolate 

Have a little something sweet while you get your tedious tasks done. I find Jolly Ranchers very satisfying while I clean- the green ones are my favorite. ;) So yes, I'm telling you to buy yourself that box of chocolates and don't hesitate on eating them all on your own!

♥ Cuddle! 

Because... why not? Cuddling is great and it also boosts your happiness, plus it is super comforting. So go grab your pet or stuffed animal or favorite pillow and get your cuddles on. 

I wish you all a wonderful Valentine's Day, and I hope some of these tips help. 

Also: I just wanted to thank everyone who took my questionnaire that was in my last post. You answers were very helpful, and if you haven't taken it yet; please do! It would truly mean a lot.

*kiss kiss*
*hug hug*


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