Blogtober: Day Two

  Hello my lovelies. <3 Gosh, I can't believe it is already October 2nd. Feels like yesterday was just October 1st... wait- oh. Hehe, that's because it was. ;) Alrighty! So, that means today's challenge for Blogtober is Fall Essentials

  If you must know (and I believe I have already mentioned it before), Fall is probably my least favorite season. I hate it when summer ends and the days get shorter, it usually gives me an icky feeling. However, over the past year or so, I have come to actually enjoy most of the fall time. I think it's because all of you rubbed off on me, so I hope you are happy. 
Usually Halloween was just my favorite part, but I think I actually like the other things fall has to offer. ;) Therefore, here are my fall essentials for the year 2015:


 A pretty specific list, huh? Yep, that's basically it. The one reason I was so excited for fall this year was because I can finally break out my awesome collection of flannels. I have about six flannels, and I just got this gorgeous blue one from J.Crew a week ago. If you would really like to see it, just click here. >.< 

 Who else is literally obsessed with flannels, or is it just me? I'm actually wearing my "Luke Hemmings" flannel (it's red and black and looks like one Luke wore, that's why I call it my Luke Hemmings flannel) right this very second. It's a little faded, but it has to be my favorite. <3

 If I were able to name another fall essential, it would probably have to be Starbucks coffee or black pants. Or both. Both sounds good. Basically, I just love fall clothing. It's awesome. 

What are your fall essentials for this season? Are flannels on the list? 
Thanks for reading. <3

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