Blogtober: Day Twenty-One

Hello darlings. <3 So, according to the Blogtober Challenge, today I have to write a letter to myself in five years (which means I will be 23). This should be interesting...

Dear me in five years,

 Hey... how's it going? 

 So, like, what is the newest iPhone available for purchase at the moment? What would it be, the iPhone 11? 11s? And, is it the size of your car? Do you even have a car? I hope so. You seriously need to have a car by now.

 I hope you have a job, you need a job. Do you work at Barnes and Noble? You should totally send me all the books John Green has published in the last five years. I bet Cassandra Clare has come out with probably 10,000 new books, huh? You can send those too if you want. By the way, are One Direction still together? Please tell me they are still together. 
 I wonder what you have accomplished in the past five years. Have you found happiness? Are you still in love with the same person? Are you with them now? Please tell me you can finally wake up beside them, please tell me you hold their hand every day. Or have you drifted so far apart, you can't even remember the day you two met?

 I bet you're still a friendless loser, aren't you? I bet you haven't even had your first kiss yet, have you? 

 You probably still live at home and cry into your pillow at night because nothing has changed and no one has ever loved you since 2014. 


 Maybe you have everything you've always imagined you would have. Maybe you're finally happy and content with life that you don't want more- you've finally stopped craving to have more. 

 Or maybe you've found something better.

 Whatever it is, I hope you're happy. 

18-year-old Kenzie

P.s. You better have written a book by now. Just saying.  


And that was a letter to myself in five years! Wow, I sounded really harsh. o.O Anywho... if you wrote yourself a letter for yourself in five years, what would it say?

Thanks for reading. <3


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