Blogtober: Day Thirty

Hey guys! So, um... today is the day I am suppose to post my collab with another blogger. Now, that didn't quite go through. I know, I'm sorry... It's just we couldn't think of anything different to do, and things just got busy. So yeah... I deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

This is the part when I magically think of an alternative.



Oh! I've got it.

First I should probably tell you who I was going to do my collaboration with, huh? ;)


It was...

The one.

The only.

... ROSIE!

So, I decided that I would do a repost of a post Rosie did on here a LONG time ago. She actually hacked my blog and surprised me with it. I haven't read it in ages... but here we go!

October 8th, 2013: Because I love you;

To the dearest viewers of this blog, today I [the awko taco from Truly. Madly. Deeply. Self Known] come to you seeking the answer to a dire question that needs your consent. If you do not wish to participate in such a debate that is fine. I understand. Because this is a very deep, emotional matter that will need your full attention and thought whilst you read. So with that said; proceed with caution.

Author's Note: I am only here because Emma gave me the idea [ so Kenz, if you get mad frustrated, focus on her because she planted the seed that sprouted this evil idea. o.o ]

*clears throat* Now, you may be asking yourself why I'm here, invading the privacy of my buddy's blog. Or maybe none of you know who I am and have already taken yourself off this post. o.O But for those of you who haven't [yet], I want to discuss with you a very important issue that is growing in our young red head's mind.

So, you see...erm...Mackenzie, she, uh...she's amazing, right? Beautiful, funny, artistic, kind, compassionate, the definition of a [best] friend. She's inspired many of us with her exquisite words and she understands--such an important quality I love. She's also friendly--something I wish I could be--to everyone. For an example, let's use you. Yes, you. The reader of this post. You've felt the urge to comment, right? And when that urge won did you ever go back to see her reply? [in the best of circumstances, let's say yes, you did.] Now, what did you find? A reply. Whoa. Dude. In a sudden flood of emotions you squeal and lean toward your computer screen, letting your eyes linger on every word she typed in reply to your opinion. And when it's over and you've read every word--twice--you find yourself compelled. To do what, exactly?

Reply back.

Then before you know you guys are best friends, emailing back and forth, chatting into oblivion, and where am I?! Left in the dust! *coughs* Alright, alright, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. The point is, she's friendly. But not only does she have a friendly heart, but a big one at that. She's so...forgiving. I remember a time when frustration struck the lands of our habitat and I shall tell you; everything ended in disaster. But she forgave me. She forgave me of unforgivable sins when she should of turned me around and kicked me out of her life for good.

But she didn't do that. Instead, she overlooked my flaws and pulled me into her arms--*sniffles and turns away* I-I'm gonna need a moment.

. . . *blows nose* . . .

*turns back toward computer* Alright, I'm good. W-where was I? Let's see, friendly, forgiving...oh! And that brings me to her biggest component; the substance that is her very core.


So not only is our Kenz Friendly and Forgiving, but she is also Flawless as well. [it's the three F's of friendship! >.<] However, as most girl's/teens/women tend to be, she will probably look upon this later and say to herself, "Rosie, I'm not flawless." <-- this is the issue I was referring to, in one of the paragraphs above. •-•

Oh but Kenz, that's where you're wrong.

I am calling upon you, dear readers/followers/"cookies", to help me prove Mackenzie wrong. We shall show her how beautiful she is. We shall show her how friendly she is. We shall show her how her flawless existence has helped our own! So what do you say? Will you help me? Please?

...what? You don't know how to help?! Well that's the easy part my friends! Just comment below, expressing your opinion about our dear blogger. Anything will suffice. From a simple; I love you to a convincing speech conveying that she is amazing. I appreciate your participation in this, dear reader. Thank you for your time and words. Kenz and I both appreciate it--or at least she will, in the future...

Well, I guess that is all for now. :} Thank you for reading and please don't forget to comment!


\(•-•)- ↓ DON'T FORGET TO COMMENT! ↓ -(•-•)/


Gosh, I'm getting all teary... That post made me the happiest person alive. Ahh, those were the days. <3

Thanks for reading!


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