Blogtober: Day Seven

 Hello my lovely readers. <3 It is day seven, and that means I will be showing you my... Outfit Of The Day! ...I think this is the first time I have ever done one of these.

 So, today I wore that blue flannel I was telling you guys about in this post, with shorts and- well... how about I just show you. ;)

 My two youngest, lovely, sisters took these- well, I made them do it (hehe). I really loved how they turned out, actually. Sorry the filters are all weird, I used the VSCO app on my phone, but the pictures looked different on there than how they look on my computer. Oh well.
 Also, in case you would like to know where my clothes came from, everything is from J.Crew. Literally. Even mah fav shoes. <3 Oh, expect the bracelet... I got that in a cute store where my mom went to boarding school.

 Welp, I hope you liked my outfit. I basically wear stuff like that everyday, so don't expect anything different if I have to do another OOTD.

Thanks for reading!


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