Blogtober: Day One

    Hello my darling readers. <3 

As you all know, today is October 1st. For a while I had been thinking up new ways to approach different blogging techiques- but I haven't thought of anything new and exciting. That is why I was thrilled when I found out Noor from A Little Bit Of Sunshine is challenging her readers to a "Blogtober" (blog everyday in october) challenge! I thought it would be something different to try and fun at the same time. :) If you guys want to join me just check out this post. I hope you consider this because I think it will be a neat way to celebrate fall. Plus, Noor has written up a lot of unique prompts to do. I think it might get our creative juices flowing.

Now, shall I get to the first prompt?

Blogtober- Day One.jpg
(this sunflower photo was taken by moi, so if anyone decides to use it please be nice and give creds- thank you.)

As you must know, it’s quite hard for me to stick to goals- that is why I never usually make any, but here goes nothing!

Blogtober - Day One: October Goals

  • Complete this challenge by blogging everyday for a month
  • Take a fall inspired photoshoot
  • Stay positive and embrace fall (meaning: it’s time to accept summer is over)
  • Try and actually finish two books by the end of the month
  • Drink hot apple cider
  • Make apple pie for the first time
  • Paint the Shadowhunter symbol on a mini pumpkin
  • Draw a pepper using charcoal for art class
  • Get started on writing a book (planning and whatnot)
  • Get my best friend to talk to me so I can tell her I love her and how amazing she is

Those are a few of my goals for Octerber, what are yours? :)

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