Blogtober: Day Nine

Today, I will be telling you about my favorite part of fall.

My favorite part of fall is how the leaves decided it was time for a change, so they made it happen.

My favorite part of fall is how the sun decided it needed to go to bed early, so it did.

My favorite part of fall are the scents that decided they needed to come out of hiding, so they came out.

My favorite part of fall is when the caterpillars decided they needed to grow up, so they did. 

My favorite part of fall is when children of all ages decided they needed to be someone else for a night, so they put on a costume. 

 It's funny how I have just started to realize that instead of hating fall and its icky weather and short daylight... I need to embrace all the good that happens in the fall. I want to enjoy it while it is here... so I am going to make that happen.

Happy fall everyone. 

What is your favorite part of this season?


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