Blogtober: Day Four

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 It is day four in the blogtober challenge, which means I will be doing a "This Week I..." challenge. 

 Shall we begin? Let's get to it. >.<

This Week I...

- On Monday morning I climbed to the tippy top of Mount Everest, and planted a flag that said "my cookies are better than yours". 

- On Monday night I headed on over to a little place I like to call home away from home: Paris. Where I went shopping with my fab BFF, Taylor Swift.

- Tuesday afternoon we went out for lunch then had a photoshoot by the Eiffel Tower, wearing red lipstick and tight little skirts (see what I did there?).

- Wednesday I went swimming on the west coast with the cuuuutest lifeguards a redhead could find. ;)

- Thursday I decided to lay low and take things easy by going to a cute bakery in NYC and taste test all of their new inventory for the season.

- Friday I went for a helicopter ride with Liam Hemsworth then stopped for ice cream at a dairy farm in Ireland.

- On Saturday afternoon, I went out for brunch with a very special friend, then afterwards we went pumpkin picking. He even let me wear his beanie. :) <-- I'm referring to Harry Styles in case you didn't notice.

- Then on Sunday I laid in a puffy white cloud, snuggled up with my new iPhone and John Green's upcoming book (all I can tell you is that the main character may or may not be based on moi, but no spoilers!).

Ughhhhhh, I hardly did anything this week! Sorry guys, I have a pretty boring life. ;(

... *giggles* Okay, obviously that was a fake list of things I did this week. I mean, seriously. Who snuggles with an iPhone? How can a phone snuggle? I wish I had a new phone though, mine is all smashed and so not... perfect looking. iPhone, why you no look perf?

 So yeah. I actually really do have a boring life and didn't really do much this week (I don't even remember what I did). I know at some point I got a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks for the first time, it was really good (iced coffees are still my fav though). I also went to this really beautiful church today where my grandparents got married 56 years ago. It was so bright inside (I really had wish I brought my sunglasses) and it smelled like an old historical home- and not in a bad way. The father (yes, I'm Catholic) had talked about marriage and divorce, and it made me realize that I would make a pretty awesome wife. ;) Just sayin'... Anyways, it was very beautiful and the mass was dedicated to my grandma, so it was meaningful too. 
 That's basically it- oh! I also almost threw up twice. Don't ask. ●-

What did you all do this week? What do you wish you did? Let me know.


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