Blogtober: Day Five

  Hello my lovely cookies? You guys have seen a lot of me lately, haven't you? I bet I'm blowin' up your news feed, huh? ;) Don't get sick of me yet- I still have five awesome tips for new bloggers!

Five Tips I Would Give To New Bloggers:

1. Make sure everything looks clean

The less you have the more readers you will get. For the design, go for a clean white look. Too many ads drive bloggers away- at least, it does for me. Also, try not to make your posts too wordy (I don't mean make your posts super short, just be sure not to repeat yourself a lot) and don't use fancy fonts- it can be hard for some people to read. 

2. Make a Pinterest account!

I think it is probably a must need for bloggers to have a Pinterest. You will probably get really addicted, so don't say I didn't tell you so. ;) It's a place where you can find inspiration and inspire people as well by sharing your blog posts and the thinks you like. Also, Google+ is a great place to share your blog posts- that way nobody misses out on your awesome posts, even if they are using their phone. 

3. Use headings and pictures

I have realized what attracts me to a blog post are the heads and subheadings, that way it doesn't make it seem like the post is too long, you know what I mean? If the post seems really long, I figure I don't have enough time to read it, and by using the headings, makes it feel like I can breeze through the post and not miss out on anything. :) Also, (this is where Pinterest comes in handy) using pictures in your posts always attracts a reader- I know it attracts me!

4. Respond to comments 

It is important to reply to your readers comments, it makes them feel like you are trying to connect with them (which I'm sure you want to) and you can make amazing friends along the way! Blogging friends are everything. <3

5. Be yourself

I know this is kind of cliche, but it's true. You should always be yourself when your are blogging, be real with your bloggers. I'm not saying to share personal information with your readers because anyone can read what you share on the internet. What I'm saying is, don't act too businessy (it might make your readers feel intimidated) but also, don't hide your feelings. Be silly, talk about things that you wouldn't normally talk about (you can even tell your readers about the adventure you had taking a romantic stroll to the fridge). 

So, there are my five tips for new bloggers or bloggers craving to extend their atmosphere. You don't have to follow these tips, I hope I didn't sound firm or anything. >.< They're just tips, the most important one is the last one though. <3

Thanks for reading!


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