Blogtober: Day Eighteen

 I am sorry to say that I will not be conjuring up a beautifully descriptive week in which I completely make up all on my own. Instead I shall tell you exactly what I did, because it isn't much and I am trying to remember what it is I exactly did this week while typing quickly because my laptop is about to die and it is quite late- *gasps for air from my run on sentence* ...shall we begin? 

This week, I... (in no particular order)

+ Finished drawing a pepper for my art class 

Here is a picture of it:

I could have done better, but oh well. I can't wait for my second art class tomorrow.

+ Picked out a pumpkin 

I didn't actually go "pumpkin picking", at least I didn't consider it that... I just picked out a pumpkin or two to put by my grandma's grave. Along with an adorable scarecrow wearing a sunflower hat.

Here is a picture I took while we were there. I don't mean to brag, but... I really love this shot. <3

That day, I wrote these two journal entries:

"Instead of decorating the house, I'm decorating your grave."


You look different. I don't know if that's because you don't care for me anymore or if you've really changed.

+ I took Molly (my dog) to the vet

Because I thought she had a tick but it turned out to be a thorn of some sort? Anyways, she was fine. I wasn't. But hey, at least it wasn't a tick!

+ I failed to ignore my feelings

Don't you just hate it when something really bothers you, and it is so stupid but you try to tell yourself that and it still doesn't work? Sometimes I really hate my feelings- they mess everything up.

Another journal entry:

"I keep them locked away, hoping you will love me someday."

+ Spent to afternoon/evening with my grandpa

Today I went over to help my grandpa out with some things around the house. One of my sisters came along, which was nice. We looked through some of my grandma's jewelry and lotions, and also lit some candles which made the house feel cozy and alive. It feels so cold and lonely there without my grandma...

What was your week like? Let me know.


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