Blogtober: Day Eight

 Okay, the pumpkin sticker and trick-or-treat sign (^) is probably cheesy, but who cares. ANYWAYS... It is day eight in the blogtober challenge, which means I will be telling you my favorite things to do in October! Like I've said before, fall has been my least favorite season for a long time... but I am crazy about Halloween. So, shall I begin?

My Favorite Things To Do in October:

- Go Pumpkin Picking 

I've always loved going pumpkin picking. There is this place my family and I used go to for our pumpkins, and there would be this "haunted" teepee. It's really dark inside with jack-o'-lanters all over. I remember being so scared to go in as a kid, but still loving it. It seemed so big inside then, but it's always quite small... I remember taking three of my siblings inside, all of us were holding hands and hoping we made it through to the other side where my mom was waiting. >.<

- Eat Caramel Apples

I haven't had a caramel apple in ages, but I would love to have one soon because caramel is life. *insert heart eyes emoji*

- Watch "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"

OHMYGOSH. Okay, if I didn't watch that before or on Halloween... it wasn't Halloween. I just love Charlie Brown classics. >.<

- Go Halloween Costume Shopping

My siblings and I usually shopped online for our Halloween costumes since... well, forever. We would be on costume websites by the middle of September. Oh, and we'd use the cut out the models from the Halloween magazines and use them as paper dolls. >.< But since the past couple years, we have been just going to Halloween stores or making up our own costumes. Which is still fun, but I like the good ol' days. 

- Make HUGE Leaf Piles

Every year I would gather my siblings and cousins to make one huge leaf pile for all of us to jump into. It was always so much fun and we'd take days to rake up just enough leaves. 

- Paint Pumpkins

A few days before Halloween, my aunt and uncle would invite family over to paint pumpkins with my uncle's brother. It's always soooo much fun, plus my uncle's brother loves me because I know how to draw. ;) Hehe. But yeah, it's always a lot of fun seeing what you can paint on a pumpkin. I've done some pretty cool paintings, if I may say so myself. 

- Go Trick-or-Treating

The night we've all been waiting, planning, and prepping for. The night you are allowed to be anyone but yourself. HALLOWEEN. Yes, I am 18 flipping years old and I still love to trick-or-treat. I have gone trick-or-treating almost every year for Halloween. I remember one year instead of going out (we away on vacation), we went on a ghost tour in Charleston, South Caroline. It was sooo creepy, but I loved it. >:D

I think that is about it... I'll probably think of a few more things while I'm trying to get to sleep tonight. -.- 

What are your favorite things to do in October? Are my traditions similar to yours?


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