You called me crying because you cared so much, now you don’t care at all.
You used to make every excuse to touch me, now you don’t even come near me.
You used to say my name like it was a prayer, now you only say it to tell me how foolish I am.
You used to say our special words into my ear every night before I’d drift off to sleep, now I only hear the echos.
You used to hold me while I cried into your shoulder, now you only pat me on the back and tell me to buck up.
You used to beg me to stay, now you only shoo me away.
You used to look into my eyes every time before we kissed, now you can barely look at my face.
You used to tell me how happy I make you, now someone else does that for you.
You used to tell me you love me every second of the day, now you don’t say anything.
You used to want me, now you only want me to leave.
You used to run your fingers through my hair, now you make me want to rip it out.
You used to make me feel full, now I can’t feel anything at all.
You used to sing our song to me, now I am the only one who knows the words.

You used to love me, now you don’t.

And the only person I can blame is me.

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  1. This is kinda amazing. Your writing is so relatable. Thank you.


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