Meet The Blogger: A Guest Post (007)


I'm Noor, an 11 year old blogger who has an odd obsession with Fall Out Boy. Fangirling is basically my life, music is also basically my life, and reading takes up the other parts :) I love pretty, minimalistic pictures, cool rooms, relatable music, and warm cookies.


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I started A Little Bit of Sunshine (back then it was Adventures of a Wonder Kid) in February 2014. Now, around a year and a half later, I have a pretty decent blog with amazing followers and readers who can actually tolerate my craziness. I am pretty much an everything blog; I do reviews, diys, recipes, thought posts, writing, photography, you get the point.


Some blogs that inspire me are Morning's ( because of her amazing photography and skill, Lexie's ( because she was one of the first blogs I discovered and my very first blogging friend, and June's ( because again, she was one of my first blogging friends!


This is my favorite part :P FALL. OUT. BOY. Their music, their personalities just gah. Harry Potter has a huge place in my heart, and I so do not have all the Deathly Hallows posters hanging in my room, shh. Doctor Who is also one of my fandoms, I just love all the alien fantasy stuff, plus Donna's sassiness is life. Some other bands I like are Paramore (because, Hayley Williams), Panic! At The Disco, and Twenty One Pilots :) Also, Dan and Phil are my current favorite Youtubers, because, Dan and Phil.


Quality over quantity. If you post everyday, great! But if it is a random picture of your dog with a short caption...not so great. (Save that for Instagram) If you only post once a week, but that one post is AMAZING, I'll let it slide. What's more important is that your posts are good, not that you post every day or so. I mean sure, it's not good to post once every month, but even if you do, and it's just an amazing post, that would be good for me. (Take Dan and Phil as an example, they rarely ever upload, but when they do, it's hilarious and we always love it!)


What wonderful advice! Give it up for Noor everyone! :) If anyone else is interested in guest posting/sponsoring your blog, check out this post. :)

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