The Void // journal entries 005

"My hands are tied behind my back, my mouth is forced shut- I am lost within the void."

-July 2015

 Do you ever feel so completely lost, you have no idea how to fix whatever it is that needs fixing? Well, if your answer is yes then I know exactly how you feel. Countless of times I have felt as if I am just going through the motions, thinking about how everything could be fixed- but not exactly thinking, or doing anything. I just stand there and wonder... what if I had turkey instead of chicken for dinner? I think I need more cheese on my sandwich. However, that is not exactly what 'the void' is like. The void (as my Rosie would call it) is actually something quite different than feeling completely lost, it is a hole you want to crawl into and never come out of. The void is full of depressive doubt and self-hatred, it's so bad you almost never want to to leave. Kind of like candy, it's bad for you... but it tastes so good. Pretty awful, huh? But have no fear! As a real life survivor of 'the void', I shall tell you want you need to remember to get out of the deep, dark hole of negative thoughts. 

Are you ready?


... It. Does. Not. Last. Forever.

You need to keep repeating this phrase over and over inside that pretty little head of yours. All of these icky, terrible thoughts and feelings do not last forever. So, what you need to do is simply go through it. It's okay to feel the way you do, and it's okay to talk to someone about it. 

I apologize if this post was random/all over the place, but hopefully someone can comprehend what I wrote and have become inspired in some way... 

Anyways, thanks for reading! <3

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3 happy thoughts

  1. “The void. That’s what I get sucked into. When I feel like this. Voids. They’re dark, empty and black. Cozy in a depressing sort of way, you know?”

  2. I hate 'The void', it's a dark place that I always try to avoid. But somehow, it always sucks me in when I feel horrible.

    Lovely post, this was beautifully written!


  3. This post wasn't random and it's very helpful. Thank you, I've been needing this lately. <3



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