"Summer's Not Hot" // journal entries 004

"You're gone, and it doesn't feel like summer." - Summer 2015


  It is currently 12:51am on July Fourth (well, Fifth in this case) and I'm just laying in bed thinking about how confusing life is. No wonder why people describe life as a roller coaster, you never know what is going to happen- of course only if you've memorized the plans of the coaster, but life doesn't come with a guide book or even a map. You don't know how fast it'll go or when it'll take another sharp turn. You just have to hang on tightly and hope you're strong enough to hold yourself down when it comes time for the coaster to roll down a steep hill, it practically floats into the sky. 
  I'm sorry if you were looking for some kind of inspirational post over here, I guess you should have clicked on the next blog because I'm not exactly in one of those positive speech moods... I'm terribly missing my grandmother and it just doesn't feel like summer without her, or even Fourth of July. There is tiny hole in my heart and it will always be there until the day I get to see my Mimi (grandma) again. Gosh, life just isn't life without her. Why did she have to go? Why couldn't she stay? I'll never understand.  

  On a brighter note: Do you like the picture I took (above) with my iPhone? Isn't it so Pinterest worthy? ;) Sorry, I'm just kinda really proud of it. >.< Oh! And I'll post next, one of the guest posts I got a while ago. <3

 Anywho, I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July! And I hope you're all thinking of your loved ones on this festive day. <3

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2 happy thoughts

  1. Okay 1) Yes that is an amazing picture... I clicked it and I was like ''dang did she take that? It's so fabulous'' ;)
    2) It's okay not to be positive all the time. This post is showing real life and that's still beautiful. <3


  2. For starters... 1.) STAWP it you, you're makin' me blush. Not to mention boosting my ego. ;)
    2.) That makes me feel a WHOLE lot better, thank you very much Madi. <3

    You're amazing. :)

    xx Mackenzie


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