Meet The Blogger: A Guest Post (001)


 I'm [ O Williams ] a fourteen-year-old Christian homeschooler who cares too much about fictional characters too little about her social life. I love pretty photography, unhealthy food, and books-turned-movies.


 I started Life as a Young Lady in August 2013 as a school assignment. Over a year and a half later, I’ve got 51 (and counting) lovely followers, and blog about everything from Avengers *slight squeal* and clothes to uplifting music and self-esteem.


 I have to say that Rcubed from Random Rants by Rcubed is one of the first people (other than my immediate family) to push me to keep blogging. MorningTime4 at The Ups and Downs of my Not-So-Average Life is another person who inspires, encourages, and fangirls with me. Bryleigh McCarty at A Little Yarn Blossom was one of the first few people to really engage with me and published a blog tag with me! Rose from Self Known was the first blog that really really impressed me and made me want to learn coding so my blog could be fancy like hers. June from Impossible was one of the first people I exchanged interviews with! 


  • Avengers
  • Hunger Games
  • Maze Runner sort of
  • anything Marvel-related really
  • Dylan O'Brien who is responsible for like 90% of my interest in the Maze Runner movies (don't worry, I read the books waaay before the movies)
  • Josh Hutcherson who is now responsible for like 98% of my interest in Hunger Games movies (already read books) as the last movie kinda sucked imo
  • other stuffs that I'm forgetting but will remember right after you post this


 Be yourself. Look within. The answers are there. *strums acoustic guitar* No, seriously, if you want inspiration seriously be yourself. Check out things related to stuff you like ("stuff" and "things" wow I'm so specific) and inspired. I really don't know if the question is about blogging or writing or photography or any other hobby stuff, but for any of these, just think about what you like inspired. To do whatever. Because it's your choice, no matter what other people say.


Thank you so much Olivia for doing this. It was so much fun getting to know you! If anyone else is interested in guest posting/sponsoring your blog, check out this post. :)

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  1. Wonderful post, Olivia. You did such a great job. :)


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