broken pieces // journal entries 001

And all of a sudden, our memories were like broken pieces of china– easy to remember, hard to bring back.


so, today I went for a walk in the woods with my sisters, and found loads of broken bottles and glass-- along with broken pieces of china. it was so beautiful, the dishes we found. two of my sisters were busy taking photos of each other, while my youngest sister and i were busy with our new discoveries.
i just thought it was pretty cool and made me think "what if someone was living here"? i'm going to go back and look for more thingamabobs (my sisters referred to me as ariel. >.<). 

thanks for reading. <3

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10 happy thoughts

  1. This is so cool <3
    And that quote is utterly beautiful.

  2. disqus_WwvQtekex1May 01, 2015

    That quote is the truest loveliest thing, and it's funny the pleasure you can get in finding simple broken things.

    The Life of Little

  3. Nymisha DhavaniMay 01, 2015

    This is beautiful. That quote is brilliant.


  4. This was amazing <3 Love the idea of posting journal entries on your blog!!

  5. That's such a lovely thought... To think of you as an above ground Ariel who enjoys broken glass. <-- If that sentence didn't make you laugh, I'm sorry (kinda).

    I love you. <3
    xx Your Rosie

    PS: I purchase some super glue. Maybe we could have a "piece it all back together" session?

  6. Thank you so much! That means a lot to me. <3 :)

    xx Mackenzie

  7. Thank you so much! I know, isn't it great. ;)

    Stay awesome! <3

    xx Mackenzie

  8. Really? Thank you! I'm happy to know that my journal entries aren't going to waste. ;)

  9. Gosh, you make me smile too much. <-- so not complaining. <3

    I love you MORE. <3
    xx your Kenz

    PS: That sounds lovely... *giggles* I'm sure we will have lots of fun. ;)


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