Am I growing? Do I grow? Have I grown?

“You’ve changed a lot,” one said to me.
“I have?” 
“Yeah, you’re more... serious now.”

Am I more serious than I used to be? Have I changed so much you’ve noticed? Am I growing up? Is that what growing up means? Do I even grow at all, and I’m just letting my inner self seep through? Or have I done it already-- have I grown?

Looking back at the year twenty twelve, seeing as I was fifteen then and not knowing exactly who I was (well, I claim to not know who I am right now... but I shall clarify that for you), I really felt that that was the year I had ventured out of my closed in bubble and took a step into the world. I made friends, I lost friends... From then on, I kept growing-- discovering new things about myself; becoming the person I am now. I felt like I have grown a great amount since then. Yes, I am a lot different now, I will admit to that.
I suppose you can say that I do know who I am, but I do have other parts of me yet to be discovered.
This past year-- twenty fourteen-- had been rather life changing. I had experienced so many new feelings and emotions. I found love, I felt absence, I had my heart broken. But the thing is-- you can either let that destroy you or change you. Please, oh gosh, please... Let it change you. Let it make you grow. Keep your chin held high and continue to discover yourself.
So, do you think that answers the statement made in the conversation above? Have I changed? Well, of course I have. Everyone changes, but a lot of the time you don't notice it. So many things happen, how could you not change? But there will always be the person that you used to be somewhere inside you. Even if it's a memory.

Thanks for reading. <3

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2 happy thoughts

  1. Wow, I've changed a lot too, in 2012 and 2014 (the year in between the two was all right, but nothing really came about in my life). Those two years I mentioned are so crazily linked to my outgoingness and my will to actually talk to new people that I don't know that well, and because of those years, I got a huge confidence boost in almost everything. ^.^ Change is great, but to look back at all of those years is just purely mind blowing. Huh, I wonder how we will see our past selves when we are eighty years old...

    xoxo Morning

    1. You make a good point, Morning! I wonder the same thing. ;) Thanks for the comment, so glad you can relate!

      xx Mackenzie


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