To all the people that have snow:

And even though I'm siting here   despite all the thoughts running through my head (life, college, how i'm failing Nanowrimo, food, things i need to get done, life, college, problems, love, food, etc.)   I think about the snow. How it's only near mid November and there's already an icy chill in the air. There's not a lot, but it is coming.
I also think about how that chilly white substance can take away just some of our daily pain. It gives us hope that there will be a second chance, that you can handle this. It gives us a chance to open our eyes and look at life with fulfillment.

It'll be okay.

Just enjoy snow while it lasts.

♦ ♦ 

Brrrr... it is chilly outside! How many of you have had snow this week? I woke up Monday morning to a winter wonderland outside. It was very beautiful driving to class. I guess you all know that this means, right? Time to put snow on my blog! 

Fangirl Note: How many have you seen the Insurgent Teaser Trailer? For those that have, I know it may seem like the trailer was based off of nothing that was in the book. Except, if you look at Chapter 30, Tris has a dream featuring her mom. It wasn't exactly like the trailer, but somehow it was similar. I don't know. 


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3 happy thoughts

  1. I. Those are the words I love to hear from my Kenzie. Simple, honest, and yet quietly nostalgic.

    II. Our hopes of snow here have melted away as perhaps the sun would have melted the small drifts...had there been any. Enjoy your beautiful white glitter from heaven! :)

    III. Ah, the fangirling woes. I feel your pain, but for another fandom (*cough* #OneLastTime). Be strong for your favourite characters, darling!

    Snowflakes of love (which is odd because snow is cold and love is traditionally quite warm),
    Little Les <3

  2. How did you make it snow on your blog?


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