Being Thankful

        Being thankful isn't just being thankful for what you have right in front of you, it's being thankful for everything you've had throughout the years. All the memories, even the bad ones, are worth being thankful for. Why? Because you're here right now, aren't you? You are stronger than you were yesterday, smarter than you were years ago. You should thank those past experiences for letting you grow, giving you knowledge that you can pass along to the younger generation.
 Most importantly, you should be thankful for the life God has given you and treasure it closely to your heart. Live with a positive mind and know that things will turn out alright.

Be kind.
Be positive.
Be thankful.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

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2 happy thoughts

  1. That is so true. We are stronger than we've been and we should be thankful for that. Happy Thanksgiving :D


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