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Hey guys!

So, I have received quite a few more followers since I've been away, and I realized that a lot of you probably don't know that much about me. So, I'd like to dedicate this post to getting to know the owner of this blog: me.
I have been a blogger for little over three years   and in that period of time, I’m not going to say I was a very active blogger but that was when I became one. I never have really considered myself as a blogger. I’m not the best blogger in our blogging-community, so perhaps that is why. Sometimes I just need to remind myself; “oh yeah, I’m a blogger.” In order to feel the satisfaction of having that profession. I have made a few mental goals, so hopefully I can stick with them (e.g. posting regularly, actually having a game-plan on what to post, act more professional whilst fangirling.).   

Anywho; I’m just going to get to the important stuff you need to know about me. ;)

(not the best picture of me, but i like the
 flower crown)

but you can call me Kenzie if you want. I have really long, curly, red hair. It sorta makes me, me   that is why I always add this.
I am an introvert. I like being part of things, but if I had a choice whether to go out or stay inside, I would probably stay inside. The world scares me, and so do my peers. I like to be around people that are a lot older or a lot younger than me. (No offense, guys. I just meant when it comes to physical people, not my internet peeps.)
I am a very flawed person, but I don’t like being told that I have flaws. Therefore, I try to point them out before anyone else. (I apologize if I do this.)
I believe in being nice to people, not matter what. We all have our own story, and sometimes we might just share a little bit of it. Just a little. So, be nice whenever you have the chance to be. :)
I don’t know who I am just yet, and perhaps you can either relate to that or just roll your eyes, but it is true. I am a person that observes the environment around them, I am not the tree nor sun   I do not have some kind of purpose, I am simply there. I’m mostly a follower, not a leader. Which I have been told isn’t the best thing (sorry, I can’t help it). I try really hard to fit it, but my weird/awkwardness tends to get in the way.
I believe that our teens years is the time and place to create the ‘who’ we want to be. And with that; I am still creating myself.
  I would not know how to describe my self being, but with only using the things that I enjoy. Allow me to share with you, the simplest joys I admire:
I find pleasure in walking into a bookstore and inhaling the beautiful scent of pages and coffee. I love opening a book I am excited to read, and smelling out the pages. Was I always a reader? No. When I was younger, I did however, enjoy receiving new books each school year and flipping through them. It was after reading The Hunger Games which made me who I like to be today   a booknerd/fangirl.
Hopefully that affection toward books while carry throughout my lifetime, I know for sure I wouldn’t want to lose that interest.
Then there is writing. Some days I just can’t write to save my life, and then others; it’s like I need to write in order to keep myself from going insane. I find words to be powerful and mesmerizing. I enjoy looking up synonyms for words we use every day and replace them for words that sound mysterious and beautiful, yet have the same meaning.
Drawing is a huge passion of mine and always has been. I absolutely love to create something out of just pencil and paper. Oh, the urge I get when I see a freshly sharpened pencil or when I walk through the 'arts and craft' aisle.
Recently, I’ve had a fetish for watercolors. Gosh, I just love using those. I have so many drawings and sketchbooks, one of these days I’m going to need to organize them all. Which reminds me; I am a total neat freak. I need to have everything organized if I want to get something accomplished. I am constantly organizing my room and rearranging things.
One of the most important things you need to know about me, is that I have a very close connection with my family. I wouldn’t know what to do without them. I’m constantly around them, and I don’t mind it. We make each other laugh and we cheer each other up.
If I could, I'd probably spend all day on the internet. I just love it so much (perhaps too much). It makes me feel like I can express myself the way I want to, and I enjoy looking at the thinks I like. It inspires me.
Oh, and one more thing ; I absolutely LOVE the country. Ahh, I crave to live there. It just makes me so happy.
That about sums me up, and hopefully you’ve formed a positive opinion on me. If not, then... okay.

Remember to always be yourself, embrace it. Don’t change. There is only one you, don't let it go to waste. :)

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7 happy thoughts

  1. I love how you use your words, you are magic. Welcome back, Mackenzie. X
    - June

  2. It's great to know more about you Mackenzie. I wasn't a reader myself at the start too but today I think it is one of my favorite hobbies along with writing. I'm a follower of your blog. Keep writing! :)

    Sammie || Bloglovin

  3. YES the urge when you walk into the stationary aisle xD all the pretty pencils and papers and colors.

  4. Great intro! I loved it. I would also choose to stay in rather than go out:)

  5. You are basically me haha! We're literally the same person... :) <3


  6. Hey, you got nominated for the Famous People award on my blog :)

  7. Hey, I love reading too!! Haha and my little fangirling phase started after reading the Hunger Games as well! I'd like to say I still read loads and fangirl as well, but I unfortunately can't as I never seem to have time to read as much anymore :( But just so you know, there is no way to fangirl professionally. I love the cute little flower crown, and yeah, sometimes being a little awkward sucks... New follower xx

    The Life of Little Me


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