The Big 101 (a milestone)

As you all (probably) noticed, I have reached to one hundred and one lovely followers! \(>.<)/ Thank you for the countdown Madeline. ;) So, yeah, I thought I should do a post about it. I know, I should probably do a contest or something to celebrate... but I did just have a blog party, so I'll think about doing a contest or something another time. :}

^^ I thought this fit the occasion pretty well, don't you? ;)

Now, I must tell you all how thankful I am to achieve this. You all are so supportive and nice. I love receiving your positive comments, they always make my day. I know I don't reply to all my comments like I'd want to, but I just want you to know that I do read through them all. They always make me feel special. :)

Thank you all for the 101! <3 

Message to newer followers: You have just entered a world of; fangirling, crying, and weirdness. You have been warned. O-O

Anywho! I totally forgot about doing that book tag I was going to do. -.- I better get on that! 

Again, thank you so much! I am so very grateful. I never thought I would get this far.

Lots of love,

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8 happy thoughts

  1. Congrats!! You totally deserve this for your lovely and beautiful blog! <3

  2. Oh my goodness, congratulations! Haha, i'm glad you didn't mind the countdown! I was worried it was annoying. :P

  3. Congrats!!! :D You totally deserve it dear! Xox

  4. You deserve it, Kenz! You're blog is brilliant and beautiful - I wuv it! <3
    I hope I can do a 100 followers post at some point - hoping!


  5. Congrats!!! You totally deserve it! xD

  6. Oh oh oh awesome! CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!
    I enjoy reading your blog every day! :)
    -Anna <3

  7. yay! congrats!!! I nominated you for the liebster award!



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