t i m e


silly isn't it? the way we revolve around it. 
sometimes i feel as if i'm grasping onto the end of an unraveled fabric; i'm keeping myself busy but not actually getting anywhere. (unless you bring out the scissors, of course)

 my whole life is a clock. i feel like it's ticking away to nothing and i have to try and make the best out of each second. you see, i'm somewhat addicted to putting myself on a time schedule. i mentally note to myself: okay, try and get this done before this time so you can have free time. 
 it never works, in all honesty, because then I start to procrastinate when i'm on a time schedule. i procrastinate when something needs to be done, which never ends up getting done unless i feel i have some extra time on my hands.
 oh, how i wish time was unlimited, or if only there wasn't such a thing. don't you agree? just think, if we didn't have a clock staring back at us all day long, wouldn't that be a little bit easier? most importantly, wouldn't that make your lazy days easier? wouldn't you want to close your eyes for a few moments without glances at the clock that reminds you of the things that need to be done but really don't need to be done right away?

life is a clock   we go in circles until it has had enough.


I do hope you don't mind my complaining and hatred toward time. -.- Hopefully some of you can agree with me.
Also, hopefully, I will be posting more often, and replying to my comments/emails more frequently...
  *crosses fingers*
I really want to get back into writing, and maybe complete a book by the end of the year. ;)
*crosses toes*

Hope you all are having an amazing May. <3

P.S. *squeals* I'm almost to 100 followers! >.< 

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7 happy thoughts

  1. OH MY GOODNESS. TWO FOLLOWERS LEFT. Where have I been? How could I not notice? ugh!

  2. Congrats on almost reaching a hundred followers! (were you talking google plus or blog lovin'?)
    I totally agree with you about time. It's ranked way to important in our lives. Beautiful writing <3 :)

    1. Oh never mind I figured out where you were talking about xD And I followed! 1 more to go! CONGRATS! :D

  3. I could not agree more! This summarises my life..... "Life is a clock - we go in circles until it has had enough" Beautiful <3
    Congratulations on nearly 100 followers! You deserve that and more <3 You're a wonderful internet buddy and you deserve everything you want and more. I hope my blog becomes as popular and amazing as yours, but I doubt it will ever achieve that!


  4. love you blog and your writing! here is a link to my blog: http://a-girl-named-elly.blogspot.com/


  5. lovely post! and YYAAYY looks like you've reached 101 (: haha congrats, you like totally deserved this! (:
    rainbows and dreams

  6. You should know that I absolutely love reading through your thoughts, dear heart. They quite often reflect my own. Time . . . is a complex thing. Sometimes it seems for you, and other times against. >.<

    HUZZAH FOR MY KENZ, 101 FOLLOWERS! *look at all these things you have to throw a par-tay for!* \(•-•)/

    With jars of your favourite cookies,

    pea ess: Ahhh, finishing a book by the year's ending? *more par-tay-ing* You can totally do it. <3


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