She Looks So Perfect

5 Seconds Of Summer - She Looks So Perfect 

"Let's get out, let's get out
'Cause this deadbeat town's only here just to keep us down
While I was out, I found myself alone just thinking
If I showed up with a plane ticket
And a shiny diamond ring with your name on it
Would you wanna run away too?
'Cause all I really want is you"


I am so obsessed with this song. O_O I love it so much. <3 

I also love 5SOS. 
Beside You and She Looks So Perfect are probably my current fave songs by them. 

Do any of you like 5SOS? :)


PEA ES: I decided to do the rest of my blog reviews tomorrow. >.< So don't worry, I haven't forgotten about them. :) 

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6 happy thoughts

  1. Great, now I can't stop singing this song! Thanks Kenz.... >.< Also, thank you so much for the lovely review yesterday :) I'm really looking forward to your book tag ;)


  2. :O I started listening to them recently and I AM IN LOVE WITH THEM!! Love their songs and this one is too good!! And I also like Try Hard and Wherever You Are. <3

  3. I adore She looks so Perfect but none of their other songs really call for me, ya know? ^.^
    But you just quoted my favorite part of the song and I have died a little. asdfghjkl

  4. AnonymousMay 08, 2014

    Dang Ashton.... I love you tooooo much - faints -

  5. Aafjgoaijdfoiasdlfjkasji!!!! You discovered 5sos!!!! I thought I was the only one but I'm actually not and now I am so super duper HAPPY! :D
    Okay, I'm going to shut up before I continue into a fangirling rant O_o
    OH, and you should listen to their song "Disconnected". It's one of my favorites <3


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