something I would like to share with you...

Today, I would like to share this video with you. 

 This here is a very beautiful young woman, Lizzie Velasquez, and she is an inspiration.
I remember seeing her on the news about her syndrome. And I remember hearing that she isn't able to gain weight, and I was just like; "What?" So, I took a closer look at her and couldn't help but admire the way she spoke and actually how beautiful she was.

I honestly think that everyone should check this video out, it is truly amazing, and quite moving.

Enjoy! :) 

Tell me, How do YOU define yourself?

Comment below! Or comment if you have any thoughts on this topic. :)

xx Mackenzie xx

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8 happy thoughts

  1. She is beautiful and amazing. Gahhh. Can't even.
    Congratulations on 90 followers! Just ten more and you'll be at 100! WOOT WOOT FOR MACKENZIE.

    {woot, woot, woot.}

    1. Thank you so much Madeline! XD I think you're the only one keeping count. ;)

  2. I've heard of her and she is truly an inspiration! Lovely post Mackenzie :)


    1. Absolutely. :) Thank you Bethan. <3

  3. she truly an amazing girl and I'm so proud of her. Lovely post Mackenzie! *claps* Wonderful job...

    1. I know, right? Thank you Lila. :)

  4. ooooo pretty, I tagged u at my blog


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