C U R R E N T L Y - #2

i. waiting to talk/fangirl with mah baby. // ii. enjoying this beautiful weather. i hope it never ends.
iii. just found out my cousin has tick under his skin. please pray for him. :(  
iv. fangirling, hard. check out my tumblr <<< you'll know why. // v. i really love my mother. // vi. hating that feeling when you really want to hug your best friend, but she's like miles away. // vii. wanting you all to READ THIS. now. please. 
viii. thanking you guys so much for 91 followers!!! <3 :) 
ix. i am craving the bookstore. is that weird? nope. not at all. // x. guess who got glasses? yup, this girl did.  (photo coming soon)

What are you all up to? Give me an update! :)  

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4 happy thoughts

  1. Just reading the cutest blog ever!!! XD

    1. Wait... So you're reading your own blog? ;)

  2. You can get ticks under your skin?!?!? Never going outside again. Ever.
    {In all seriousness though, I will be praying. ouch. :(}

    1. Yup! I got one under mine. But I got it out just in time. They creeeep me out. *shivers* Thank you! <3


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