seven hundred and thirty one days [and counting] of friendship.

 [wow, this post is really late. i'm sowwy]

I suppose if you already read Rose's post over at Truly. Madly. Deeply. then you know what I mean by the post title above. I hope google got the amount of days right... •-•

 Yes, today--January 14th-- is a very special day because exactly two years ago, I met this lovely lady.

I know, it doesn't show your whole face...but you have no idea what I do to get these photos. •-•
You really need to send me more and remind me to save them. PLEASE. •-• *smiles innocently* thank you.

Now, Rosie and I, we met by accident. And it was the best accident of my life. 

We were both in a chain email and I guess she clicked 'reply all' or something. I don't really know. But Younger Me thought she accidentally emailed me. Silly Younger Me. •-•
It went a little something like this:

Rose: "Yay! :)"

Me: "oh im sorry, u accidentally emailed me. not emma:)"

Rose: "Oops! Sorry! LOL Hi! :)"

Wow, my Teenage Me needs to teach my Younger Me some proper spelling. •-• 

So after that email happened, we talked now and then. But it wasn't until later that year (2012) we became the bestest of friends. (aka HG BUDDIES)

[here comes a little emotional private moment of things that remind me of us]

Thank you Rose, for giving me the friendship of a lifetime.

[very slow gif made by moi]

You will always and forever be my bestest friend.

Thank you for all the AMAZING hug attacks.

Thank you for the giggles and the smiles we have shared.

Thank you, for making me happy.

And thank you, for being my HG Buddy. :)

 I love you, Rose. <3


Always and Forever. 


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4 happy thoughts

  1. This is way sweet. Y'all are just so stinking cute, I'm glad you've been cool enough to share your friendship story with the world ;) I know how special these days are, I hope you two had a fabulous Friendaversary, as I like to call it :D <3


  2. a warning at the beginning of this post would have been appreciated, kenz (i.e., "warning: this post contains an epic ammount of feels. proceed with caution."). that GIF is precious. i-i-i don't have tears in my eyes, what are you talking about? i-- I LOVE YOU AND ROSIE SO MUCH!! praise God forever that you two found each other; your friendship is one of the best things to have the privilege of reading about. the rose and her rae of sunshine. ♥

  3. Heyo Kakez Remeber Bob?
    Bob: Wello
    Me: okay well we just had a party at Rose's blog to celebrate you girls magical friendship for two years,so now we are here to celebrate with you!
    Bob: Wets WO Wis
    Me: PARTY TIME!!! *throws glitter in the air*
    Bob: *Puts on Elvis wig and turns on music*
    Me: *starts to dance...well tries to dance*
    Bob: *brakes out bad butt moves*
    Me: Oh Bob you're killing
    Bob: Weally?
    Me: Oh Yeah
    Bob: Wan We Wanced Wall Wight WO Wa West Wong Wver
    Me: We know every line now I can't Remeber how it goes but I know I won't forget herrrrr
    Bob: Was We Wanced Wall Wight WO Wa West Wong Wever
    Me: Congrats ladies on you're magical friendship
    Bob: Weah Wongrats
    Me: We love you girls very much!
    Bob: Wuvvvv Wo Wirls
    Me: We best be going now
    Bob: Wy
    Me: Bye!! We'll see you girls soon!
    Bob: *leaves with boom box*
    Me: *leaves with him*

  4. Your gif.... :) LOVEEEE :) <3 Even though I think it took 5 minutes of my time..... :) No worries. I loveeedd it. Like LOVE. Okay? Kay.


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