bookish things.

hey guys... 
so a couple things; 

1.) I never got to show you my book tree I made for Christmas. 

doesn't quite look like a tree, but whatever. •-•

 2.) I never showed you the epic gift Rosie made me for Christmas! \(•-•)/

( *cough* Eleanor & Park photobombing *cough* )

 she also gave me a fabric marker so I can add names of my fictional loves on the back. ;)

She also gave me a jar full of glitter with her heart in it. O-O ...literally. 

Since this is a random [also quite boring] post and with title 'bookish things', I might as well just share a few book related things with you. o-o

[ photos via Pinterest ]

hey look, an animated me. :P

yes. many. >.<

true story bro. •-•

uh duh. •-•

^^ But I usually only come out with just the one book I came for. :-|


too true and too cute. 

no, now get back here and let me love on you. •-•

*sighs* they never listen. •-•

^^ this. 

alrighty, that's all for that randomly random post. 

Which of the photos above do you relate to the most? 


guuueesssss what?!?! nothing too existing, but... 
I'm making a lot of changes. not a lot but a few. 
I'm going to be...

-getting a new design [even though i'm still majorly in love with this one]
-changing up my post subjects
-and I think I'm going to change my blog's name.

I know, I love think. eat. write. read. but I kind of want a change, yah know? change is good.
but the name will only be temporarily, just to see if I like it.

what do you think? opinions please. :)

xx Mackenzie 

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10 happy thoughts

  1. Haha! Love the book tree! And the "star" is on top!

    Books, books, books, I love them! And these are so funny and true :)

    I love your blog name, but I'm interested to know what you would change it to.

  2. Ohmyword!!! That tree is AWESOME!! And I wanna read Eleanor & Park sooooo badly. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times, my to-read list is a million miles long.
    I feel like the 5th from the bottom was when you convinced me to read Beautiful Creatures... I guess you wanted to murder me? I STILL HAVEN'T READ BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS.
    I can't wait to see the new design and everything!! I'm sure it'll be as beautiful and flawless as the last!!! <3


  3. Oh my gosh! I'm totally the person who smells it etc. when I first get a book. Everyone else thinks I'm insane, but I love it! XD And I'm guilty of a lot of other things too.... o.o
    By the way, your tree looks *amazing*!!!!

  4. Ohmigoodness that book tree is amazing! (I'll have to make one next year ;)) I'm the kind of person that smells books, pets them, looks at them, and then finally reads them xD I just found your blog recently and I love your name and design--I would keep everything the same if it was me--but I understand how change is nice some time. I just finished re-doing my blog too, and it's nice to have something different :)

  5. You are totally epic, Kenzie- = ) That is a wonderful book tree- I just adore those quotes!

  6. Oh my gosh I love this post! I love all the little book things. Its sooo true! I really love your blog name,but it's up to you if you wanna change it. Again,flawless post! You never disappoint us.
    Pink Llama: Weah Wever Wisappoint ws.
    Me: Come on Bob lets go *takes Bob by he leash*

  7. well, i love books + i love you = i love this post. the book tree, rosie's gifts, the pinterestingly-writerly-inspiringly pictures... <3 far lovely, far lovely.

    pea ess:― my favourites were eight and ten but they'll all good. reeaaaalllly good. :)

  8. *sniffles* This is beautiful, Kenz.

  9. Oh my gosh. I need that pillow. I need that pillow! I NEED THAT PILLOW! I think I know what I'm going to put on my New Years resolution....attempt to make that's going to happen!
    I must read Eleanor and Park! I bought it a long time ago and I haven't read it yet because I have a billion other books I have to read. *Sighs* Bookworm problem :P I promise you I will get around to reading it someday soon. :)


  10. Cool blog. :)



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