yay & nay [12]


- Christmas is almost here! >.<

- SNOW. <3

- Dangerous Dream is almost out. O-O

- Christmas music on repeat.

- Writing.


My baby's voice. <3 Oh how I've missed it. 


- My feet are cooollldddd...

- wanting to talk to someone but not sure if they want to talk to you. *le sigh*

- Allegiant feelz... *whispers* it hurts. 

- Writing. 

- Needing to find time to reply to my comments. 

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2 happy thoughts

  1. your yays & nays are just adorable, love! <3 but pardon me... where is my snow? *sigh*

  2. i think i need some christmas music... i was thinking about getting some of taylor swift's but i'm not sure. do you have any christmas song recommendations?
    my feet are cold too!! i have to wear fuzzy socks and like three sweaters in the house to stay warm. :P
    - your friend, Priya


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