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everything I love all in one picture! 
Book [check]
sketchbook [check] 
camera [check]
pencil [check]
iphone+headphones [check]
awesome shoes [check]

'ello my lovely Cookies, how's everyone been lately? Everyone getting ready for Christmas or other holiday celebrations? December came by fast, feels like yesterday it was summer! \(•-•)/ *clears throat* Anyways, as you can see I've been lacking a bit on posting... Sometimes I'm too busy to get on my laptop, but a lot of the time it takes me forever to just come up with an idea for posts. So this is where you all come in; I really need some ideas on different posts I could do. Nothing too long, just simple. :) I already have a couple ideas on what I shall post, but I still want to hear what you guys have in mind for me.

I was thinking of maybe doing a little holiday questionnaire, what would you think of that? Something where I post some holiday themed questions ( to get everyone in the holiday cheer ) then anyone can comment with their answers and I shall put them in a post. *shrugs* Just an idea. •-•

That's all... Let me know how you all have been. <3 Keep being awesome! >.<

xx Mackenzie

p.s. has anyone seen the new trailer for Spider-Man 2? ASDFGHJKL; it looks amazing. O-O I can't wait to see it... [ here's the link for the video ] pssstttt... I know a spoiler, thanks to my brother because he read the comic. IT'S REALLY SAD. o_o

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4 happy thoughts

  1. ASDFGHJKL OH MY GOSH THAT TRAILER IS PERFECT!!!! ANDREW IS SO FLAWLESS!!! HIS VOICE! I know it's such a sad spoiler but you never know...they don't always follow the comics...*sighs* I've lost too many fiction people this year

  2. I love it when you do your stories, based off of a picture! :) They are always so amazing. <3 But honestly.. What ever you do is always perfect!

    And.. Spider-Man 2!!! ER MAH GOSH! That was like candy for my loving heart.. O.o Because it was amazing!!!
    I heard a rumor that *cough cough*.. Umm.. Some one special in the movie might.. You know.. Pass on.. D:
    When I heard who it might be.. I literally cried. No. Joke.

    xxx. Kayla

  3. yay for awesome stuffs! ^_^

  4. 'ello, loviest cookie of them all. \(•-•)/ i know, i know. december is a roadrunner of sorts; and regrettably, it has made us the coyotes. (if you understood that reference)

    post ideas? d-did someone say "post ideas"?? *cautiously ventures forward* *raises hand* could i please ask for a vlog, when you have the neccessary ingredients for making one? •-• and a little holiday questionnaire? yeeeees, please&thankyou. <3

    xx les

    ps. all you superhero fangirls... *sigh* #meanwhileinthebackgroundleshasgonemadwaitingoneweekmoreforthehobbit:thedesolationofsmaug...


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