who am i?


 have you ever asked yourself "who am i?" and answered with of course, obvious answers. I am blah blah blah, i live in blah blah blah, and i'm going to blah blah blah school. i mean, of course people are going to wonder what you name is, where you go to school, how old you are. but those are just facts about you, not really who you are. am i correct?
  lately i've asked myself the same question, who am i really?

 i am Mackenzie.
 i am a girl, yes.
 i am tears.
 i am late night conversations.
 i am kindness.
 i am loving.
 i am paper and pencils on a friday night.
 i am last minute worrier.
 i am obsessed.
 i am four slices of pizza.
 i am stay-in-the-corner-of-the-room-so-no-one-will-notice.
 i am a 24\7 dreamer.
 i am the thoughts i hold, the things i love, the people i love, the dreams i dream, i am the drawings i draw, the pictures i take. i am me.

this post was sorta inspired by her
i really wish i could have written this better. oh well. 
thanks for reading. <3 

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7 happy thoughts

  1. This is perfect, Mackenzie :) Did I spell your name right?

    1. Thank you very much! :) And yes, you did. <3

  2. ...i am so much more than meets the eye...
    That was lovely <3 I just wanted to add that random bit that came to mind :)

    1. that is very beautiful. <3 :) and thank you!

  3. ohh i think about who i am all the time. i still don't know who i am. i definitely can't put it out in words just as you did though.
    NO, Mackenzie, that was written BEAUTIFULLY. <3

  4. The last line is so true. <3

    Love you,

  5. So beautiful just flawless.....


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