a storm.

she's like lightening, ready to crash.
 she's like thunder, ready to roar. 
she's also a cloud. 
soft and gentle, dark and angry.
she's a storm.
an unexpected storm, waiting for her moment.
waiting to crash.
also waiting for the moment when it's all over.
when the clouds turn into a soft shade of pinky orange, 
and the birds whistle that familiar tune.
she's a storm waiting for her end.


yes, I said "pinky". 

[ photo via tumblr ]

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9 happy thoughts

  1. Oh wow. Absolutely lovely <3

  2. yes, that's because you're epic. ;)

    1. daww shucks, but I think you're the epic one here. :]

  3. Just beautiful and outstanding! You have such a wonderful way with words

  4. Oh my gosh girl! I have shivers and I'm tearing up! That was SO beautiful, Kenz!


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