i miss you

i miss you. 
like a lot. 
i miss you more than you could ever imagine. 
i miss your beauteous smile.
your warm hands.
your pretty voice.
your comfort.
you, i miss you.
it hurts, it hurts not to know when we could be together again. 
because you're there and i'm here. 
my hand is reaching, our hands are reaching. they're so close yet so far away.
they're grasping for a touch. for a feel. 
 to be intertwined with fingers.
my ears are longing, for a sound. a familiar yet strange [good] sound.
they want to hear, the voice to the person that makes me happy.
my eyes yearn to see that smile. 
my arms long to be held in yours.
i, myself, deeply wish to be with your presence. again. and again.
because i [really] miss you.

thanks for reading this [mushy\cheesy] post rant.  


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7 happy thoughts

  1. So sad, yet lovely ♥

  2. Yes very sad and beautiful at the same time! flawless this post is

  3. Ooh, very pretty. :) I really love your blog! Would you mind telling me where you got your header from? I love that too :)

    1. Thank you so much! :D Actually my best friend made it for me. :) She designed my blog. Her signature\copyright thingy is on my sidebar if you want to contact her.


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